Elephant Ear Bulbs


Elephant Ear Bulbs

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Enormous Leafy Elephant Ear Bulbs at Nature Hills!

Elephant Ears (Alocasia and Colocasia) are your go-to for fast visual exotic impact! These giant, tropical accents produce lush cooling green fans on strong stems that form upright fountains of greenery. You'll love the tropical effect these have anywhere they're planted!

Oversized, long, heart-shaped leaves sprout in a fountain of soothing cool green, filling any landscape or container planting with instant tropical appeal! Sturdy stems hold these giant leaves up high and give a whimsical and structural feel with ease!

Growing from large tubers each spring, architectural and eye-catching Elephant Ears reach towering heights and their large leaves expand wide to draw the eye to any area! Perennial Colocasia and Alocasia corms are wonderful seasonal annual accents in all growing zones.

Happy plants in warmer climates will also see these plants flower and attract pollinators to their spathe-like greenish blooms!

Using Elephant Ears in your landscape and planters

These huge foliage accents work wonders in containers and the garden! These are amazing backdrops for your summer blooming flowers and seating areas, and sun patio plantings. These bold and dramatic green accents add color and broad texture to any setting!

Pot up in patio planters or containers on balconies for dramatic eye-catching displays. Use as pinpoint privacy around the pool, or as gorgeous accents and backdrops among other tropical plants. Plant around water gardens and tropical displays for heat and humidity-resistant focal points.

Need to make a giant statement? Or a deep-green tropical backdrop for you to relax beside with a fruity drink? Grab a few of these big tubers that unfurl into large, heart-shaped leaves! Plant in high-style pots for elegant poolside displays or in groupings for an eye-catching presentation that also offers low screening around entertainment areas. Alone as a specimen or mixed with other coarse foliage.

Use in pairs to stand on either side of a bench, path entrance or your front door as fantastic focal points, or groupings around your seating and entertaining areas for pinpoint privacy! They look great paired with Banana plants or flowering Ginger, with graceful flowing plants like Ferns as underplantings, or with waving plumes of Ornamental Grass. Anywhere Elephant Ears grow, it's certain to turn heads!

Caring For Elephant Ears

The fast growth is vivid in both sun and part shade through USDA growing zones 8 and up, but are fantastic annual accents in all growing zones. Alocasia and Colocasia are tolerant of both moderate to high moisture locations. Loving rich, moist soil, Elephant Ears can top out at an easy 6-foot tall and fill a large area in a single growing season!

The old leaves die off and can be removed to keep the plant looking neat and tidy. Gardeners in zones 3-7 may overwinter the corms indoors. As soon as the temperatures drop below 40°F, dig the corms up, brush off excess soil, and store them in dry peat moss or wood shavings. Place in a warm, dark, and dry place with a temperature no higher than 50-60°F.

Big Leaves - Big Impact

Elephant Ears of both varieties can be vividly colorful, variegated, or lush green hues! Size and cooling tones, the large heart-shaped leaves add an instant exotic and tropical flare to your landscaping with Elephant Ears from Nature Hills Nursery!

We'll ship your quality summer-flowering bulbs, rhizomes, and tubers to your doorstep at the proper planting time for your growing zone!