Allium Bulbs


Allium Bulbs

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If you are looking for bulbs that will provide outstanding color, Allium would be a great choice. These easy-to-grow flowering bulbs come in a variety of colors, shapes, bloom times, and sizes. Alliums are close relatives of the onion, shallots, and garlic family. They produce exquisite colors on top of their tall stems, and they have become very popular with gardeners because of their wildlife resistance. Alliums are deer, vole, rabbit and chipmunk resistant, however, they do attract butterflies!

Alliums grow in most any soil, as long as it is well-drained. They need to be planted in the fall, 3" deep and 6"-8" apart with the pointy end facing up. They perform best when they can bask in full sun all day long and also prefer dry conditions. Most Alliums can be left on their own in the same area for years, with little effort on your part. Once they are finished blooming, leave the foliage in place because the leaves create food for the next season. When the foliage is dead, it can be removed because the plant has gone into dormancy.

The round shape of the lovely blooms will add an artistic interest when planted among other flowers, such as large leaved perennials. Some of the most popular Alliums are: Globemaster, which is one of the largest, Blue Allium with its wonderful sky-blue color, and Purple Sensation is an eye popper with its rich purple flowers.