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Frida Kahlo® Floribunda Rose

Florentina™ Arborose® Climbing Rose

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Charming Climber Florentina™ Arborose® Rose

  • Climbing Rose
  • Big, Bowl-Shaped Blooms Feature Nostalgic Quartered Look
  • Can't Miss the Bold Red Hue
  • Abundant Rebloom Through the Season
  • Vigorous, But Compact
  • Dark, Glossy Foliage
  • Pliable Canes Can Be Tied to Arbors, Pergolas and Much More!
  • Winter Hardy
  • Grown on Own Roots
  • Very Good Disease Resistance

Part of the Kordes® family, fabulous Florentina™ Arborose® Climbing Rose (Rosa 'KORtrameilo' PP 24,196) sets the bar high for compact patio Climbing Roses. You won't believe the visual impact these dramatic blooms bring to your garden.

The bright red flowers are held in clusters and deliver such an exciting color for modern yards. Style them as you like for plenty of spicy punch to decorate your great outdoors.

Abundantly full, deeply cupped roses completely cover the entire climber from late spring to fall. Look close to study their old-fashioned quartered form.

Clean, glossy foliage resists diseases like blackspot and powdery mildew. Too bad you'll hardly see it through the lush carpet of large blooms!

Florentina blooms last a very long time on the plant. Enjoy them outdoors, and snip them for indoor arrangements, too.

You'll only need a few sprays to make a lush bouquet. This kind of deadheading actually encourages more blooms, so get outside regularly to take your fair share!

Very double roses look so extravagant, but this easy-care modern selection is easy to grow and maintain. You'll definitely appreciate the uniform growth and abundant reblooming from late spring through fall!

Invite your friends and neighbors over to enjoy the flower power of this dramatic Climbing Rose. It's no secret that the Arborose® family is one of the best of breed.

Each of the slightly reflexed blooms has up to 70 petals...and the plant is covered from top to bottom! Don't wait to order Florentina Arborose Rose from NatureHills.com this season.

This is a Rose lover's dream come true! Order now, and add Nature Hills Root Booster to your order for life-long benefits.

How to Use Florentina™ Arborose® Rose in the Landscape

Train this compact Climbing Rose to grow up around arbors, trellises and obelisks. It makes a spectacular show around doors, along fences or any other garden structure.

People even use Climbing Roses as groundcover to enliven slopes! The sky is truly the limit with this sophisticated selection.

Use Florentina front and center, as you'll want to study the globular buds as they open into the incredibly lavish blooms. You'll never be without a conversation starter!

Tie the pliable canes to a trellis for flowering "wallpaper" in a garden room. You'll love the beautifully private scenery!

In a mixed garden border, consider adding "hardscape" like tuteurs or pillars. Use one as a focal point, or several spaced evenly apart for a grand vista that works hard all year-long.

Because the Florentina Arborose Rose is petite, even tiny courtyards can enjoy their brilliant blooms. They make a wonderful housewarming present. . ..even for beginning gardeners!

Beautify unsightly fences with a framework of this and other climbers. Did you know that people combine several Climbing Roses together for a custom look?

Alternate between your favorites along an arbor. NatureHills.com is very pleased to offer such an extensive collection of Roses at our online storefront!

#ProPlantTips for Care

Keep Climbing Roses in a planting site in full sun with well-drained soil. Air circulation is also important; please install structure supports several inches away from walls.

Dig your planting hole twice as wide as the roots, but no deeper. Keep the soil level the same as we have grown in at the nursery.

You'll add your Nature Hills Root Booster into the planting hole following the package instructions. This symbiotic formula helps the tiny feeder roots as they uptake water and nutrients from your soil.

Roses need a consistent schedule of water. Soaker hoses or drip irrigation is best to keep the foliage dry.

Mulch over the root zone to keep them cool. Please pull it back from touching the canes.

Feed them specialty Rose fertilizer, following the label instructions. Reblooming Roses do best with supplemental feeding.

How to Train Climbing Roses

Select several canes to become the structural foundation of your beautiful Climbing Rose. The structural canes will grow thick for several years before you replace them.

Horizontal branches produce the most flowers, so tie the secondary canes at 90 to 45-degree angles. Use stretchy landscape ties or old pantyhose to loop around the cane and your support.

Prune Roses in early spring to remove any dead or damaged branches. Cut your secondary canes down to 6 - 8 inches above a bud; but keep your structural support canes in place.

Rejuvenate the structural canes every three years. Because Climbing Roses bloom on last year's canes, you'll wait until the first flush of flowers are finished.

Trim the thick old structural canes out at ground level at that time. Then, select a new set of canes to become your structural support.

Don't wait to order Florentina Arborose Rose from NatureHills.com! This extravagant display will beautify your landscape with a delightful bower of opulent red blooms.

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Florentina™ Arborose® Climbing Rose Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-9
Growing Zones 5-9
More Information
Brand Nature Hills' Choice
Botanical Name Rosa 'KORtrameilo'
Type Deciduous
Mature Height 5- 7 feet
Mature Spread 3 - 4 feet
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Soil Well Drained Soil
Moisture Medium
Growth Rate Fast
Flower Color Red
Foliage Color Green
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Pruning Time After Flowering
Fragrant No