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Firedance™ Dogwood
Firedance™ Dogwood Firedance™ Dogwood Firedance™ Dogwood Firedance™ Dogwood
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Firedance™ Dogwood

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Compact and beautiful all year!

We love it when we can offer a plant like Firedance Dogwood (Cornus sericea 'Bailadeline').  We are always striving to be on point with the latest trends, but realize that gardens need to be more then trendy. They need to be lasting and make you happy for a long time.

Currently the trend is for smaller, more compact plants in the garden to meet the needs of urban gardeners. Firedance Dogwood maxes out at 3’-4’ high and 4’-5’ wide, so it can fit anywhere – even in a favorite large container.

But people want a real ‘wow’ factor, too. Something that will keep them interested every season of every year. Firedance Dogwood definitely brings the ‘wow’…and then some! 

Firedance begins leafing out in the spring. The basil-green leaves are the perfect backdrop for the multitude of white flowers that cover the shrub. The flowers are followed by pretty white berries which bring the neighborhood songbirds to your garden to sing in the summer. In the fall, the leaves turn with the weather to a rich reddish-purple. (If you plant these with chartreuse or yellow leaved shrubs, you’re in for a spectacular fall show!)

At this point most shrubs are done, but not Firedance. Once the leaves fall the twigs and stems turn a bright red (hence the name Firedance!) and heat up the winter landscape. The twigs are great to cut for winter floral arrangements, too!

On top of that, this shrub loves being wet and works in tough rain garden situations and is also a great slope stabilizer, holding soils in place.

Yeah, we love it when we can offer you a plant with as much to give as Firedance Dogwood. Make sure to order yours before they’re gone. We don’t love it when you miss out on a great deal!

* Low maintenance
* Fast Growing
* No pruning needed
* Four seasons of interest
* Great for containers
* Perfect in compact spaces
* Works in raingardens and on slopes


Firedance™ Dogwood Is Suited to Grow in Zones 2-7
Growing Zones 2-7
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Cornus sericea 'Bailadeline'
Foliage Dark Green
Mature Height 3 - 4 feet
Mature Spread 4 - 5 feet
Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Moisture Moderate - Moist
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Flower Color White
Fall Color Red, Burgundy / Purple