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Fertilizer Tablets
Fertilizer Tablets

Fertilizer Tablets

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2 Year Nutrient Release Saves You Time & Money

Now you can eliminate the need for measuring small quantities of dry fertilizer No more feeding your trees & shrubs multiple time a year with different fertilizers.

Nature Hills Fertilizer Tablets provide a scientifically safe plant food. They are designed to give you bigger, healthier & more colorful plants.

Use the tablets when you plant trees, shrubs, roses, vines and perennials. Simply place tablets into the planting hole.  Recommended application is one tablet for each 1 gallon size container. 

Because of its high nitrogen formula, you are not limited to when you can put them in.  They can also be used on established trees & shrubs. 

The landscape or container application makes it a versatile tablet. The 2-year formula is time saving and money saving; you don't have to put them in very often.

The tablets chemical analysis is as follows: Nitrogen: 20% ( 7% Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen and 13% Water Insoluble Nitrogen) Available Phosphoric Acid: 10%, Soluble Potash: 5%, Combined Sulfur: 2%, Iron: 2.50%, Manganese: 2%, Zinc:0.18%, Magnesium: 2.25%.

Order 3 tablet for every 1 gallon of pot size.  For established trees & shrubs, order 4 tablet for every ½ inch trunk caliper (diameter) or for every 1 foot of plant spread.  It’s that simple!  No other fertilizer is necessary for the next 2 years!

Save time, money and enjoy bigger, healthier, greener plants - at a value price!

* 20-10-5 formula
* 2 year nutrient release formula
* Scientific formula for use on trees, shrubs, roses, fruit trees & perennials
* Use on new plantings as well as established plants