Dutch Master Daffodil Easy Bloom Pad

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The classic yellow daffodil! 

You know that you want a spring garden full of classic yellow daffodils – enough to fill your garden and your vases and to give away to friends, too – but you don’t want to spend the backbreaking work of planting all of those bulbs, one at a time. Now you don’t have to!

New Bloom Pads are so easy that even a child could do it. Come fall planting time you just dig a hole about 6” deep. Make sure it is wide enough to put the Bloom Pad into it. Cover the Bloom Pad with dirt and give it a good watering. The next part is the hardest part – you have to wait until spring to enjoy the blooms!

Grade A daffodil bulbs are professionally placed in the biodegradable Easy Bloom Pad (5 bulbs per pad) to ensure maximum growth. You can plant a lot more in a lot less time than planting individual bulbs. Imagine – the garden of your dreams in a fraction of the time!

The top reasons you’ll love Dutch Master Daffodil Easy Bloom Pad:

*This is the classic yellow spring daffodil – big and healthy
*So easy to plant  - no more backbreaking work
*You can plant a container in one swoop
*Plant twice as many in half the time
*These will form colonies and come back with more flowers each year

Don’t put off your dream garden any longer. With Bloom Pads, a little effort this fall pays big dividends in the spring. With Bloom Pads it’s a cinch! 


Dutch Master Daffodil Easy Bloom Pad Is Suited to Grow in Zones 3-9
Growing Zones 3-9
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Narcissus trumpet 'Dutch Master'
Mature Height 16 - 18 inches
Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Sun
Growth Rate Fast
Flower Color Yellow