Coneflower - Butterfly Kisses

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Small Coneflower with Big Blooms

Butterfly kisses is a smaller variety of Coneflower but still boasts magnificent blooms. These would look great scattered about the drier spots in your garden, in a border, or perhaps in a few containers on your front porch. If you’ve always loved traditional Coneflowers, but couldn’t spare the space, then this plant is for you.

The Butterfly Kisses is a delightful variety, with studier stems and a shorter, more compact nature. You can easily fit several throughout your yard. Butterfly Kisses features 3-inch double pompom flowers with a dark pink center and an outer border of lighter pink petals appear like little, fragrant umbrellas suspended above the plant on its firm stalks.  The whimsical effect will be enhanced when butterflies and other pollinators flock to your delicious floral banquet.

Your Butterfly Kisses will bloom from June and into August. The dark green foliage fills out the perennial’s compact nature and holds no interest to deer. The flower cone starts out light green, transitioning to pink and then finally gold later in the season, bringing additional color to your garden through the summer months.

Coneflower is an amazingly hardy plant that is beautiful in both formal and cottage gardens. but also has a variety of uses. The blooms are a durable cut flower and the cone dries into a seed head that is a boon for winter finches and other birds.

A plant with much beauty and many uses, Butterfly Kisses is a must-have for your garden today.

*Long-lasting flowers
*Compact nature
*Wildlife interest


Coneflower - Butterfly Kisses Is Suited to Grow in Zones 4-9
Growing Zones 4-9
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Echinacea 'Butterfly Kisses'
Foliage Dark Green
Mature Height 12"-18"
Mature Spread 18"
Moisture Moderate
Growth Rate Fast
Flower Color Purple, Pink