Citron Yuzu

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Small fruit, Big scent

You are a true citrus connoisseur if you are looking for a Yuzu Citron. As you’ve probably found out in your search, Nature Hills is one of the few places in the US where you find one for the home garden.

Yuzu Citron is a citrus lemon that comes to us from Japan, where it is valued for its highly aromatic rind. Being a citron, the juice is relatively minimal – usually only a teaspoon or so in each fruit – which means that the juice is often expensive. This could be a great sell at your local Farmer’s Market!

Yuzu has a very sour, tart and floral taste. It is one of the few citrus that maintains its sour/tart flavor even when cooked at high temperatures which makes it invaluable for hot/sour and sweet/sour cooking. It is a main ingredient in the wonderfully tart Japanese Ponzu sauce you get at your favorite sushi house.

Yuzu rind gives off an amazing smell – like a cross between a fresh lemon and a fresh grapefruit, with some flowery hints to it. It smells so good that the Japanese use its oil and juice for perfume and at the Toji ceremony (Winter Solstice) for special baths.

For the home gardener, Yuzu is a beautiful fruit tree. It is cold hardy down to five degrees! It can be a little bit stubborn to bloom and has a few thorns, but it is well worth the time and effort once you smell the deliciously-scented fruit.

Nature Hills ships strong, young trees with great branching and hardy roots to get you off to a great start. Order yours today! You won’t find better Yuzu Citron anywhere else.

*Highly scented fruit
*Cold-hardy to 5 degrees
*Juice can be sold for top dollar
*Great in containers


Growing Zones 8-10 (Patio 4-10)
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Citrus junos Sieb. ex Tanaka
Foliage Green
Mature Height 10 - 12 feet
Mature Spread 4 - 5 feet
Soil Type Well Drained
Moisture Moderate
Growth Rate Medium