Cinnamon Girl Distylium 3 Container

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Great Alternative to a Boxwood 

Let’s be honest. Distylium isn’t a sexy plant. Even with a hot name like Cinnamon Girl, this is really just a hardworking hedge shrub. Even the Latin name – (Distylium 'PIIDIST-V' PP27,631) -  is pretty dull.

It is a stalwart option to traditional boxwoods and other evergreen hedges, especially in the south where other hedge shrubs are susceptible to bugs and diseases in the heat and humidity. This is the most cold-hardy of all the distylium shrubs on the market, withstanding winter temps that make other distyliums shudder.

The new leaves emerge plum-purple and turn blue-green as they mature. It handles pruning well and makes a great backdrop in any garden. Cinnamon Girl Distylium isn’t the diva in the garden. She’s not the eye-catching centerpiece or the show-stopping specimen plant. She is dependable. She is sturdy. She is reliably green and very easy to care for.

Wait a minute.

Low maintenance. Always ready for action. There when you need her. Fits into any place and makes everything around her look better.

What were we thinking? Cinnamon Girl may be the sexiest plant ever! Order enough to surround your house with the sexiest foundation planting in your neighborhood. Do it today!

* Great alternative to boxwood
* Evergreen foliage
* Pest and disease resistant, even in the South
* Very fast growing
* Perfect for foundation plantings


Cinnamon Girl Distylium  3 Container Is Suited to Grow in Zones 7-9
Growing Zones 7-9
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Brand First Editions
Botanical Name Distylium 'PIIDIST-V' PP27,631