Chinese Wild Ginger

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Fast Growing Groundcover That Thrives in Shade

Wild Ginger is an ornamental perennial with uniquely decorative foliage. Plant several as a short border or groundcover. They would also look terrific along a natural area of your property or woodland path.

You’ve never seen foliage quite like this. Unlike other wild gingers that have tiny leaves, the Asarum Splendens steps into the spotlight with magnificent foliage and color.

It is perhaps the most ornamental of all the gingers. The leaves are 6-inch long, heart-shaped visions of perfection. Each maintains a dark green color with splashes of silver standing out in sharp contrast. The effect is breathtaking up close and head-turning at a distance.

This Wild Ginger variety will certainly bring definition and light to any area you plant it in. Your Wild Ginger will do great in shade among other plantings and thrive in many types of soil. This Wild Ginger produces small but pretty flowers. The 2-inch deep, cup-shaped purple blooms appear in the spring at ground level.

Your Wild Ginger is deer and rabbit resistant, and very easy to grow. It pretty much takes care of itself. It spreads quite quickly for a ginger, making it a good investment. In fact, the Asarum Splendens has been known to develop foot-long rhizomes in one season. 

For a truly unique and beautiful groundcover plant, you can’t do better than the Asarum Splendens Wild Ginger.

* Large 6" Heart Shaped Leaves
* Leaves are Green with Silver Highlights
* Fast Growing Groundcover That Thrives in Shade


Chinese Wild Ginger Is Suited to Grow in Zones 6-9
Growing Zones 6-9
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Asarum splendens
Foliage Green and silver
Mature Height 6-12 inches
Moisture Moderate
Sun Exposure Full Shade
Flower Color Purple
Fruiting Time Spring - Summer