Cavalier Nectarine Tree

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Yellow Fleshed Nectarine

The Cavalier Nectarine produces a medium size, firm, and aromatic fruit, with yellow freestone.

Cavalier Nectarine has orange-yellow skin blushed with mottled dark red. This nectarine has flesh that is resistant to brown rot.

Cavalier Nectarine comes from Virginia. It ripens mid to late July in Central California, one week before Alberta peach.

Cavalier nectarines soften rapidly and are best if picked while in a firm condition. It requires approximately 700-800 chilling hours.

Cavalier is self-fruitful so does not require cross pollination and needs to be planted in a good site with well-drained and fertile soil.

Nectarines need severe annual pruning as the fruit is borne on one year old wood.

Avoid low spots where water stands when planting nectarines. The soil pH should be in the 6 to 6.5 range for best results.

*Aromatic Yellow Flesh


*Self Pollinating


Growing Zones 5-9
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Oersica var. nucipersica 'Cavalier'
Mature Height Semi-Dwarf: 20 - 25 Feet
Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Fruiting Time 3 - 5 years