Butterfly Bush - Butterfly Magic

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Magical Shrub that Attracts Butterflies

Butterfly Magic is a deciduous shrub with fabulous blooms that are a strong attraction to butterflies. Plant several of these near a window or porch where you’re sure to have a clear view of its stunning summer performance.

Butterfly bushes are truly amazing. Butterflies flock to them in droves to enjoy the incredible nectar they provide, and your Butterfly Magic is no exception. This plant seems to posses some magic lure that butterflies can’t resist. It radiates with color from the bright blooms but also emits a particularly sweet scent that is irresistible to butterflies.

At times butterflies will literally cover your shrub in their excitement! Hummingbirds and other pollinators will join in on the fun too, until you won’t know what to admire more, your many winged visitors or your magnificent flowers.

Your Butterfly Magic has an elegant vase-shape, shooting up into the air and spilling forth with riotous blooms of lavender, pink and white every summer. The mix of color is like having three plants in one! Each “flower” is actually a long cluster consisting of innumerable individual blossoms heavy with both fragrance and color.

All in all, your Butterfly Magic is a tough plant, able to thrive in many soil types and environmental conditions. In colder climates it will die back to the ground in winter, and it doesn’t mind a little pruning if need be.

Butterfly Magic will offer a last gasp of color in the fall when its foliage transforms to a delightful yellow. The magic of a Butterfly Bush has to be seen to be believed, and what better way to accomplish that than to plant Butterfly Magic in your yard today.

*Strong Attractor of Butterflies
*Spectacular Summer Flowers


Butterfly Bush - Butterfly Magic Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-8
Growing Zones 5-8
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Buddleia davidii 'Butterfly Magic'
Foliage green
Mature Height 8-May
Mature Spread 8-May
Moisture Moderate
Flower Color Purple, Pink, White