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Yew Shrubs

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Year-Round Evergreen - Yew Shrubs at Nature Hills Nursery!


The Yew shrub family of plants are in the genus Taxus and has a long history as landscape backbones and privacy hedges!

There are many horticultural forms and cultivars; the primary difference between them is the growth habit and size. Yew Bushes are long-lived, disease-resistant, and so easy to grow! Add the evergreen factor and it is no wonder that Yews are one of the most popular landscape plants!

Fluffy Soft Evergreen Foliage

The large variation of sizes and habits displayed by Yews creates numerous uses in landscapes! The tiny yellowish-white flowers in the spring beckon pollinators, and the red, plump berry-covered seeds are eaten by birds.


Some Taxus varieties make great hedges because of their dense foliage and others are used individually as a specimen plant that can be sheared formally or left to grow into their naturally tidy forms!

For erosion control and covering hard-to-mow hillsides. The Spreading Yew grows 2 - 4 feet in height and 6 - 12 feet wide and the Wardi Yew grows a bit taller and wider are both fantastic options for these situations!

These are outstanding foundation hedges, as selections like the Densiformis Yew and Taunton Spreading Yew won't outgrow their beds or grow tall enough to block your windows! These shrubs help block drifting snow, screen you from the wind, and bulk up your privacy hedges!

Not minding harsh shearing, shrubs like the Hicks Yew and the Fairview Yew both become gorgeous formally sheared creations when planted in rows or en masse banks for property definition and landscape barriers! You can also keep yours growing au naturale!

green yew

Try having some fun by mixing Dark Green Spreader Yew as your hedge with punctuations off upright Captain Upright Pyramidal Yews on the corners and as sentries marking the entrance to a pathway or on either side of your driveway!

A row of 8 - 10 foot tall Captain Upright Yews will also create a unique privacy hedge without the fuss!

Plant long hedges without worry because these shrubs can easily span full sun, partial shade, and even full shade areas with ease! Transitioning throughout any landscape regardless of large trees, wrapping around your home from sun to shaded sides of the foundation, or adapting to being planted by young trees that eventually grow taller and shade them!

Caring For and Pruning Yew Shrubs

Cold-hardy, adaptable, and versatile, Yew are urban condition tolerant and so easy to grow! Yews do best in full sun and partial shade, and many can even grow (albeit slower) in full shade!

Provide a slightly acidic well-drained site with plenty of organic matter, and covered with a 3-4 inch deep layer of arborist mulch.

Yews shrubs take to pruning very well! Naturally grown hedges make a fantastic soft barrier with really little upkeep. Sheared hedges need one trim a year, best done early in summer, with a later summer nip and tuck of a few errant branches. It is better not to do shearing in the fall but after that first push of growth in spring, instead.

Yews that have outgrown their space can be cut back severely and they will send out new shoots and return to looking great in a short period. Yews are wonderful for topiary work because they are adaptable to pruning and shaping!

Gorgeous Landscape Workhorses!

Yew are amazing evergreens that should not be left out of any landscape! For year-round greenery and easy backbones, don't miss out on ordering this wonderful plant for your next project from Nature Hills!