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Spirea Bushes

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Spirea Shrubs At NatureHills.com!

Spiraea shrubs are a tried and true flowering garden standards that have been used for over 300 years as landscape ornamentals! Some of the older cultivars have been around since the early 1900s and are still being grown today!

They are native to the Northern Hemisphere, and contain over 70 species of Spiraea, plus dozens of varieties each! Growing in the US throughout USDA planting zones 3 to 9, these are wonderfully hardy and adaptable!

Spiraea is also known as Meadowsweet, and these deciduous shrubs are very ornamental and sport a wide variety of leaf colors and flower hues!

These tiny little flowers make up clusters of blooms that often look like the fizz atop a freshly poured soda! How delightful! The flat to rounded umbles completely smother these tidy shrubs, standing atop the stems and floating over the leaves.

Spiraea is a spring-blooming shrub, several newer cultivars have a second flush of blooms too! This is a boon for the many pollinators and bees that arrive throughout their flowering period.

Often mounding shrubs that rarely get too tall, these are widely adaptable to a broad growing zone range but all share the same fine Spireas textured, lance-shaped foliage with adorable toothy edges!

Landscape Standards

Spiraea is used in the landscape for hedges, shrub borders, mass plantings, and as a foundation plant. Easy to grow and low maintenance, any sun garden will benefit from these reliable, colorful, and hardy flowering shrubs!

From romantic old-fashioned garden standards to modern colorful container shrubs.

Spiraea has certainly added to the family diversity in some major ways! From the largest-sized shrubs which can reach nearly 10 feet tall, to the tiniest bushes like Mini Gold Spirea that stays sweet and petite!

So take a look at the new and improved cultivars that are being introduced that will knock your socks off and bump up curb appeal while still retaining their workhorse roots!

While bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds drop by for a visit, deer and rabbits aren't too keen on these shrubs, which is why they're usually so common in the home landscape.

Inject some bold foliage color with the Goldflame or Goldmound Spirea, enjoy old-fashioned romance with Vanhouttei Spirea or Renaissance Spireas, and add the soft fuzzy-looking blooms of the Japanese White Spirea or the native Meadowsweet and its cousin the Steeplebush!

Gain hot pink color with the Double Play Doozie® Spirea, or unique foliage color with the Double Play® Blue Kazoo® Spirea! You’ll love the purple-pink Poprocks® Petite Spirea and the purple foliage of Proven Winners® Color Choice® Double Play® Artisan® Spiraea!

Easy Care Spirea Shrubs

Spirea are hardy and easy-to-grow deciduous shrubs!

Most Spiraea need full sun to flower the most and grow evenly. Provide at least 6 hours of direct sun a day for best results, however, many Spirea even tolerate partial shade and bloom just as profusely!

Spiraea prefers well-drained soils that have lots of organic matter, but Spireas can also do just fine in poor soils and city locations. Wet, boggy soils are not tolerated.

The two main types of Spirea are those that bloom on last year's wood (blooming only once in spring) so pruning these types of shrubs is best done after the flowers are done. The other type is those that bloom on new wood and most of these will rebloom and best when deadheaded after the flowers fade, but can be pruned in the late winter or early spring.

The best time to prune an established Spirea is in late spring after the flowers have faded. You can shear or trim back by a third depending on your needs. Thinning older Spiraea is also recommended, known as renewal pruning, every 3-5 years cutting out some of the older stems to the ground will keep the plants looking tidy.

Order Your Own Spirea Today!

These easy-going shrubs add that special something to the garden! With bright colors all growing season and dense, twiggy, well-branched growth, there's no real downside to these incredible ornamental bushes!

It's the widespread use and high adaptability that may have been too widely used in new construction and commercial landscapes, but with newer cultivars and colors, you'll easily be able to set your home's landscaping apart from all the others with these tried and true landscaping workhorses!

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