Sand Cherry


Sand Cherry

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Sand cherry shrubs (Prunus) are treasured by folks who like color. Sand cherries produce wonderfully fragrant flowers and very attractive foliage. Sand cherry shrubs are small enough to fit into just about any landscape and they can be maintained by pruning very easily. These small flowering shrubs are very adaptable to various soil types and climates.

The Purpleleaf Sand Cherry is also available in a tree form. The shrub is grafted on a standard (trunk) which turns the shrub into a small tree. These plants bloom in the spring so to get maximum bloom displays, prune after they have finished blooming.

The Prunus family has over 400 species growing in just the Northern hemisphere and many are grown for the fruit they produce. Sand Cherries are grown more for their ornamental qualities and not for the fruit. Wildlife will make use of any fruit that these plants produce.