Rose of Sharon Shrubs

Rose of Sharon Shrubs

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Rose of Sharon is a deciduous flowering shrub and is botanically known as Hibiscus syriacus. Rose of Sharon is also known as althea or hardy hibiscus. Rose of Sharon is a native of Asia. Rose of Sharon prefers full sun and well drained, moist soils.

Althea is a beautiful shrub that does not take much care and they will do well in average soils. Rose of Sharon blooms in late summer and into the fall. They bloom profusely making this shrub one of the most attractive of late summer flowering plants. Rose of Sharon is a heat lover and can easily tolerate summer heat. They also leaf out late in the spring so do not be alarmed if all the other plants are leafed out and the hibiscus is not.

Rose of Sharon is a multi-stemmed shrub, but they can be pruned to grow as a tree like plant with a single main trunk. Pruning should begin in the first or second year of growth to create a single trunked rose of sharon. Prune the Rose of Sharon in late winter. Light or no pruning will allow the Rose of Sharon shrubs to bloom profusely with smaller flowers. Heavy pruning will create larger but less flowers.

Nature Hills has several varieties of Rose of Sharon. Click the photos to learn more, or call our plant experts at (888) 864-7663.