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  1. Bloomerang® Dark Purple Lilac Zones: 4-7
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Fragrant, Gracious Choice Gorgeous Lilac Bushes

There is just something about Lilacs, isn't there? Billowy Lilac bushes are the scent of spring and their clustered flowers emit an incredible fragrance.

Botanically known as Syringa, Nature Hills offers Lilacs that everyone knows and loves. Long-lived Lilac shrubs will grace your yard with their heart-shaped green leaves and upright form.

Use a few of the blooms for indoor cut flower arrangements as showy centerpieces on your table. Leave the rest on the shrub for butterflies, hummingbirds and beneficial pollinators to feast on the rich Lilac nectar.

Yes, We Sell White Lilacs Bushes!

Our customers love Lilac bushes with white flowers! We offer several options to choose colors ranging from pristine pure white to the palest possible yellow or pink.

Gorgeous Madame Lemoine Lilac offers double blooms held on long panicles. Add this improved French hybrid to any sun-soaked spot in your yard for an exceptional specimen.

The blooms of Common White Lilac, an English Lilac shrub, simply gleam in the moonlight! Start your growing season with white Lilacs, and plant bold Annabelle Hydrangeas around your Lilacs to wrap up the season.

Modern Lilac Cultivars Deliver Many Garden Benefits

It must be said that one of our best-sellers is Common Purple Lilac (Syringa vulgaris). These beloved large English Lilac bushes feature bright purple blooms that appear in bunches around late May.

Of course, there are many different color Lilac bushes on our website, too! You'll find pink flowers, blue flowers, yellow flowers and even pinstriped Sensation Lilac!

Look on each product page to see the mature size and spread. Filter for size using our toolbar to make it even easier.

Nature Hills has a huge selection of Lilac plants for sale online, from petite to giant Lilac bushes! You'll appreciate the choice Lilac varieties, including: French Hybrid Lilacs, English Lilacs, Persian Lilacs, Korean Lilacs, Reblooming Lilacs and California Lilacs.

Order the largest size container we have in stock. This way, you'll be ordering the most mature Lilac bush we have for sale.

Here's How to Extend Your Season of Lilac Blossoms

Make the blooming period of your Lilacs last and last! Planting several different Lilac cultivars together creates a fragrant, colorful bloom period that lasts up to four months.

Early blooming Betsy Ross Lilac and Pocahontas Lilac start the season off right! You'll love the scent, and the storied celebration of their strong women namesakes!

Late-blooming James Macfarlane Lilac is exceptionally cold hardy to Zone 2, and can even put up with windy waterfront locations. Named for a bold Canadian explorer, this is the perfect size for screening.

These hard-working Lilac cultivars bloom before and after Common Lilacs. Add these choices to increase the total bloom time of your Lilac display.

Don't forget Japanese Lilac Trees! These taller Lilac bush trees put on an incredible finale for a Lilac lovers garden.

Reblooming Lilacs offer spring interest, and a second flush of scented blooms later in the season. We're proud to grow and sell the Bloomerang® Dark Purple Lilac.

Best-Selling Evergreen California Lilacs Tolerate Heat

Live in California, Texas or Florida? Don't think you have to miss out on the fabulous fragrance and high performance of Lilacs!

Nature Hills is a responsible seller of quality plant material all across the United States. We have expanded our Lilac offerings to include California Lilac (Ceanothus gloriosus) which grows down to USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 10!

Native California Lilacs flowering shrubs remain evergreen all year-long. You'll be thrilled with their brilliant blue flower clusters, and water wise nature.

Another option for high heat is Cutleaf Lilac. These delicate blooms offer an amazing floral bouquet, and look soft and sophisticated in mixed borders.

Where is the Best Place to Plant Lilacs in Your Garden?

Use an easy-breezy Lilac hedge as a "friendly fence" along your property line. Your neighbors will be thrilled, especially if you let them know they can cut some of the flowers on their side!

Choose the height you'd like to use as your guide. For privacy, one of the best Lilac bush for hedges is dark purple Ludwig Spaeth Lilac.

Small space gardens can enjoy Lilacs, too! Miss Kim Lilac and Tiny Dancer Lilac both stay compact, but live large with oversized fragrant flowers!

Our specialty growers have even created tree-form Lilacs to choose from. Use one as a focal point; or create a planting bed in your lawn to showcase a series of them.

Get creative with these durable shrubs. It's a shame to call pretty Lilac shrubs "workhorses"...but that's exactly what they are!

Love hummingbirds and butterflies and want to do your part to enrich your local ecology? Plant a row of Lilac shrubs on the north side of a Pollinator Garden!

Using flowering shrubs like Lilacs as a backdrop pulls the look of your planting together. The early, nectar-rich blooms also deliver big benefits for honey bees and other essential pollinators in your neighborhood.

Lilacs Make Excellent Privacy Screens

Have a view you hate? Hide it with the graceful, wind-tossed form of Lilac bushes.

With proper care, they basically live forever! Farmers even include them on the south side of their established windbreaks to add some color and movement.

Low Lilac hedges are darling, too! You can perk up your curb appeal or enliven a ho-hum foundation planting with right-sized Tinkerbelle Lilac.

Rugged Lilacs even tolerate a little salt. Use them as a showy street planting to screen off the hustle-bustle of everyday life.

Best Practices When Planting New Lilac Bushes

Choose the right spot to plant them to keep your Lilac happy and healthy. Lilacs must have full sun, with at least six hours of direct sunshine a day.

Good air circulation is also an important consideration. Please don't plant your Lilacs too close to a fence or wall...they need airflow all the way around them.

Well-drained soil is important, too. If you have soggy soil, you'll need to create a raised bed with additional soil brought in to improve your drainage.

Spring and fall are both great choices when to plant Lilac trees. But did you know you can successfully plant anytime as long as the ground isn't frozen?

Use our Nature Hills Root Booster with these investment landscape plants. This symbiotic formula never "wears out" in it's support of the tiny feeder roots.

Dig a hole no deeper than the container, but twice as wide. Backfill the soil around your plant, then saturate with water to eliminate air pockets at the root level.

Ongoing Care Tips for Lilac Bushes

Proper techniques for watering Lilac bushes are all about a consistent schedule. It's most important to pay attention during the first season as the roots are getting established.

Add a three-inch layer of mulch around the root system to keep it cool. Pull it back away from the stems, and refresh the layer periodically.

Prune to shape your Lilacs after the flowers are finished; snip the spent blooms off if you don't want to see the developing Lilac fruit. Every few years, remove the thickest, oldest stems out at ground level to rejuvenate your Lilac shrubs.

Lilac bush not growing? Try fertilizing it, or moving it to a sunnier spot...just don't plant it too deep!

Would you like help choosing and buying Lilac bushes for your garden? Email us at or call our Nature Hills plant experts at 888.864.7663.

Customer Reviews for Lilac Bushes

Bought 3 Dwarf Korean Lilacs.  FedEx delivered them just 4 days after ordering.  They were packed well & looked amazing. Very satisfied & will  definitely buy from Nature Hills again."
Rhonda H. GA 

“Very Pleased with the Lilacs that I have received!!!!.”
Karen D.  PA

“I bought 3 bare root Common Purple Lilacs last spring.  I was impressed with how well they were packaged & their size.  They are doing great! I grew up smelling the Common Purple Lilac blooms. There seems to be no other scent quite like them. I'm back to buy some for my kids. Thanks Nature Hills!”
Bonnie P.  IA

 "I just received my 3 gallon Sensation Lilac and it is AWESOME.  I will definitely buy online at Nature Hills from now on."
Kristin L. CA