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  1. California Lilac Zones: 7-10
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Fragrant Lilac Bushes For Sale At

Botanically known as Syringa, a Lilac bush offers some of the most fragrant flowers in the plant world! They are rugged and long-lived; which makes Lilac bush care a breeze!

Decorate your landscape with several cultivars. If you love the color purple, check out the aubergine Lilac flowers of Yankee Doodle!

Choose a petite Lilac plant-like Tiny Dancer™ or Miss Kim. Or perhaps you need an exceptionally cold hardy Lilac shrub, such as James MacFarlane which can survive in areas as cold as USDA Zone 2

We grow, sell and ship many different types of Lilac bush for sale on our website. Filter your search results to view the many different sizes and colors of bloom. 

Blooming Lilac panicles are made up of smaller flowers, and feature one of the world's most incredible scents. Heady fragrance of Common Purple Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) perfumes in late spring.

Most Lilac blooms are a light purple, but there are also cultivars with blooms that are:

  • White, like Common White Lilac and Beauty of Moscow
  • Yellow, such as Primrose
  • Pink, like Miss Canada or Little Lady

Most Lilacs perform best in Zones 4 - 8 with longer hours of winter chill. In warm winter Zones, you can get the look of Lilac with California Lilac (Ceoanthus).


Where is the best place to plant a Lilac bush?

Our durable Lilac cultivars will grow easily in nearly any sunny garden. They prefer well-drained soil and a consistent watering schedule.

Flowering is most prolific in a spot that receives at least six hours of sunlight a day. Use Lilac bushes:

  • Informal hedge along your property line
  • For "garden walls" of an outdoor room
  • Flowering privacy screen
  • Keep smaller cultivars in containers for many years
  • Excellent housewarming present
  • Anchor for foundation planting
  • Mixed into garden borders
  • Welcome lawn planting with spring-flowering bulbs

What time of year do Lilacs bloom?

Each Lilac plant blooms for roughly two heavenly weeks. Extend that flowering season by planting early, mid-season and late-season bloomers!

Add Cutleaf and Persian Lilacs for another series of beautifully fragrant blooms. Don't forget about the Bloomerang&reg: series extends the season of bloom with a second flush of flowers from mid-summer through fall.

Tips on how to prune Lilacs

Pruning Lilacs requires only simple maintenance. As the blooms begin to fade, plan to snip them for indoor floral displays and as centerpieces on a table.

Every few years, do renewal pruning to shape and rejuvenate your Lilac shrubs after the flowers are finished for the season. Prune a few of the thickest stems down to the ground...leaving the youngest, thinnest stems in place to produce abundant flowers. has plenty of showy Lilacs for sale! We even grow specialty Lilac ‘tree form’ verisions of Bloomerang® Lilac tree and Purple Lilac tree for sale; along with the more traditional bush form.