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Lilac Bushes

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Lilac bushes are arguably one of the most fragrant flowers in the plant world. Botanically known as Syringa, Nature Hills offers lilacs in a ‘tree form’ along with the more traditional bush form. 

There are many different lilac cultivars (types). They come in many different sizes and colors of bloom. Most blooms are a light purple, but there are also lilac cultivars with blooms that are white, yellow, or pink. Lilac cultivars range in hardiness from zones two through ten. While the bloom period of a lilac is only for a few short weeks, planting several different lilac cultivars together can make a bloom period that lasts up to four months.

One of the most common lilac cultivars is the purple lilac, or Syringa vulgaris. These lilac cultivars have bright purple blooms that appear in bunches around late May. Hardy in zones three through seven, these lilac cultivars have one of the most powerful fragrances emitted by any flower. They are commonly used for indoor floral displays and as centerpieces on a table. These lilac cultivars will grow easily in nearly any garden.

Another of the popular lilac cultivars is the white Persian. The fragrant white blooms on these lilac cultivars make them one of the most lovely and pure of all lilacs. Reaching four to six feet in height, these lilac cultivars make a wonderful foundation planting or garden border. These lilac cultivars are also hardy in zones three through seven. The fast growth rate makes them one of the most often requested of all lilac cultivars.

A third common lilac cultivar is the James Macfarlane. These lilac cultivars are among the most winter hardy, and can survive in areas as cold as zone two. They will grow to a height of eight feet, with a mature spread of from six to eight feet. These lilac cultivars bloom around two weeks later than the common purple lilac cultivars, and work perfectly when planted in masses with them. This will increase the total bloom time of these lilacs to up to three weeks.

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"Bought 3 dwarf korean lilacs.  FedEx delivered them just 4 days after ordering.  They were packed well & looked amazing. Very satisfied & will  definitely buy from Nature Hills again."
Rhonda H. GA 

“Very Pleased with the lilacs that I have recieved!!!!.”
Karen D.  PA

“I bought 3 bare root common purple lilacs last spring.  I was impressed with how well they were packaged & their size.  They are doing great! I grew up smelling the common purple lilac blooms. There seems to be no other scent quite like them. I'm back to buy some for my kids. Thanks Nature Hills!”
Bonnie P.  IA

 "I just received my 3 gallon sensation lilac and it is AWESOME.  I will definitely buy online at Nature Hills from now on."
Kristin L. CA