Laurel Bushes


Laurel Bushes

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Laurel hedges are an excellent addition to any landscape. The evergreen nature of laurel hedges will give winter protection for many garden birds and small mammals.
Thrushes and blackbirds are fond of building nests inside laurel hedges. Most laurel hedges are native to America, and can grow in nearly any combination of soil and sun. Many laurel hedges are also flowering.

One of the most requested laurel hedge is the mountain laurel. The mountain laurel hedge looks wonderful in its natural woodland setting. There are currently eighty known varieties of mountain laurel hedges. The glossy deep green foliage of mountain laurel hedges makes a spectacular contrast to the profuse white blooms.
Mountain laurel hedges will grow to a mature height of six to eight feet and are hardy in zones four through eight.

Mountain laurel hedges are grown in a variety of settings. Typically found in low woodlands, they are used by rural and urban gardeners alike. A mountain laurel hedge can make a wonderful accent plant, providing interest year round. The flowers during the summer are bright and white or pink.  Mountain laurel hedges also grow well in shaded areas, and are therefore often grown next to a building or tall fence.

Laurel hedges will make excellent privacy fences when grown alongside a road. The dense nature of the foliage and wood makes a natural sound barrier, and screens the view.  Laurel hedges are easy to grow, and require almost no maintenance, aside from optional pruning. Laurel hedges are the perfect addition to any garden.