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Hydrangea Bushes

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  1. Annabelle Hydrangea Zones: 3-9
    As low as $44.99

  2. Grateful Red Hydrangea Zones: 4-9
    As low as $69.29

  3. Limelight Hydrangea Zones: 3-9
    As low as $49.49

  4. Fire Light® Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
    As low as $47.99

  5. Incrediball® Hydrangea Zones: 4-9
    As low as $68.14

  6. Pinky Winky® Hydrangea Zones: 3-9
    As low as $39.59

  7. Bobo® Hydrangea Zones: 3-9
    As low as $53.99

  8. Invincibelle Wee White® Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
    As low as $54.87

  9. Invincibelle® Ruby Hydrangea Zones: 3-9
    As low as $69.39

  10. Little Lime® Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
    As low as $29.74

  11. Cherry Explosion Hydrangea Zones: 4-9
    As low as $69.29

  12. Quick Fire® Hydrangea Zones: 4-8
    As low as $47.99

  13. LA Dreamin'® Hydrangea Zones: 5-10
    As low as $78.94

  14. Cityline® Vienna Bigleaf Hydrangea Zones: 5-9
    As low as $47.99

  15. Limelight Hydrangea Tree Zones: 3-9
    As low as $445.00

  16. Incrediball® Blush Hydrangea Zones: 3-9
    As low as $71.99

  17. Little Quick Fire® Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
    As low as $55.99

  18. Invincibelle Limetta® Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
    As low as $79.29

  19. Everlasting™ Revolution Hydrangea Zones: 5-9
    As low as $78.56

  20. Invincibelle® Spirit II Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
    As low as $71.99

  21. Cityline® Paris Bigleaf Hydrangea Zones: 5-9
    As low as $39.59

  22. Tuff Stuff™ Red Mountain Hydrangea Zones: 5-9
    As low as $47.99

  23. Glowing Embers Hydrangea Zones: 5-9
    As low as $39.72

  24. Invincibelle Garnetta® Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
    As low as $90.69

  25. Rock-N-Roll™ Hydrangea Zones: 5-8
    As low as $84.18

  26. Pinky Pollen Ring™ Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
    As low as $78.94

  27. Lime Rickey® Smooth Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
    As low as $90.69
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36 Items

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Incredibly Showy Blooms Hydrangea Bushes and Shrubs

Add sizzling color and sophisticated style to your landscape design this season! You'll appreciate the reliable grandeur of our expertly grown Hydrangeas year after year.

These plants are too pretty to be called "workhorses", but that's exactly what they are. With excellent foliage and fantastic flowers that last and last...growing Hydrangea bushes is a joy!

There are many different Hydrangea bush varieties available for sale online on our website. Since 2001, we've been delighting customers as America's largest online plant nursery!

Nature Hills makes it so easy to find and order your favorite Hydrangea from the comfort of your home! Endless Summer® Summer Crush® Bigleaf Hydrangea stays small and compact...a perfect choice for containers to decorate your patio or pool deck!

Define your landscape with the oversize blooms of large Hydrangeas by planting a Limelight Hydrangea hedge. Annabelle also makes a classic Mophead Hydrangea hedge.

Add a vertical design element in a shaded spot with the popular Climbing Hydrangea. Or...check out our designer Tree-Form Hydrangeas to use as a showy focal point.

Hydrangeas Have a Special Meaning

Exquisite, intricate Hydrangea blooms represent abundance and grace and make very meaningful wedding bouquets! All the tiny flowers work together to make a big, beautiful splash that looks great in photographs.

Hydrangeas make elegant cut flower arrangements, too. You'll have a lavish look with just a few blooms!

Many of our customers remember Hydrangeas growing in their Grandma's garden. Make our choice plants your own and strengthen the connection with your past.

We Sell Many Different Hydrangea Bush Varieties

The Hydrangea species originated in Asia and in some locations in North and South America. There are over one hundred varieties of Hydrangea species.

Yes, there are many types of Hydrangeas...but all are lovely! We sell Hydrangea varieties that will do well in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 through 9.

Four categories of Hydrangeas are popular and are marketed extensively in the United States. The categories are: Hydrangea macrophylla, Hydrangea arborescens, Hydrangea quercifolia, and Hydrangea paniculata.

Learn about the four main types of Hydrangeas here.

Hydrangeas are popular deciduous perennial shrubs with low, woody branches. People love them for their wide variety of flower colors and numerous uses in the landscape.

Mophead produces rounded blooms that can grow the size of footballs! Oakleaf Hydrangea features magnificent foliage and is an exceptional choice for butterflies and pollinators.

If color is your thing, look for Reblooming Hydrangeas that flower on old growth from last year. These game-changers will also produce flowers on new growth from this season.

Delicate Lacecap Hydrangeas give you an outstanding floral display. They make a perfect contrasting complement to Smooth Hydrangea blooms.

Growing Advice for Hydrangea Bushes

Each product page gives you specific care requirements, including how to plant Hydrangea shrubs, bushes and establish rooting on your Hydrangea plants. Don't forget to read our Garden Blog for expert advice on growing Hydrangea bushes!

Planting Tips for Hydrangea Shrubs

Check the product page to see which species of Hydrangea you have. We provide #ProPlantTips to see if these plants should be planted in sun or part shade.

Site your plants properly to meet these requirements. Dig the hole no deeper than the roots, but make sure it is nice and wide.

Then, spread the roots out in all directions. Backfill, then completely saturate the soil completely to eliminate air pockets at the roots.

Here's How to Grow Hydrangea Bushes

Hydrangea bushes are easy to grow. Some varieties prefer full sun, and others need afternoon shade in warmer climates to prevent wilting.

Plant them in well drained, rich, loamy soil for the best results. Amend the soil with a few handfuls of rich compost and Nature Hills Root Booster while planting.

Hydrangeas should be kept moist in the growing season. You'll have the biggest, most colorful blooms if you give them consistent water during flower production.

How to Change the Color of A Hydrangea Bush

Yes, You Can Change the Color of Some Hydrangeas...Here's How

Pink-colored blooms can indicate that your soil is more alkaline. Blue or purple blooms can mean your soil is more acidic.

Some geographical areas have soils that are slightly acidic with lower soil pH. These areas have the best luck with Blueberry plants, Hydrangeas, Azaleas and Rhododendrons.

If you have soils with neutral pH, use aluminum sulfate or soil sulfur to lower the soil pH over time. This will also help acid loving plants better uptake nutrients.

Expert Tips to Correctly Prune Your Hydrangea Bushes

Each category of Hydrangea is a little different. Some bloom on old wood from last year, and some produce flower buds on new growth.

Some modern Hydrangea cultivars do both! Study our extensive education to properly prune your beautiful plants.

Pruning the Different Types of Hydrangea Bushes


Enjoy shopping for Hydrangea bushes on our site. Choose your favorite color, and click the photos above to learn more and purchase your Hydrangea.

Order happy, healthy Hydrangeas from our expert growers today! You'll be thrilled with the convenience and extensive selection at Nature Hills.