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  1. Kodiak® Black Bush Honeysuckle Zones: 5-7
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  2. Kodiak® Orange Bush Honeysuckle Zones: 4-7
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  3. Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle Zones: 3-7
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  4. Kodiak® Red Bush Honeysuckle Zones: 4-7
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  5. Peaches and Cream Honeysuckle Zones: 4-9
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Native, Easy-Care Solutions Diervilla Honeysuckle Bushes

NatureHills.com is in love with a rugged, hard-working native shrub! Diervilla lonicera is catching the eye of professional landscapers across the country.

Please note, this is not invasive Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica). Rather, our showy Honeysuckle Bushes (Diervilla) are hard-working native plants in North America that will happily spread to cover ground and control erosion.

Diervilla has also seen a surge of interest by expert plant breeders, who have hybridized natural crosses. We're excited to offer these excellent, field-tested selections from the Proven Winners® and First Editions® teams.

Available in a wealth of foliage and flower colors, our showy Honeysuckle Bushes grow naturally across a wide swathe of North America. They require little care, and most thrive in full sun or partial shade.

Stop mowing that steep slope! Get help with erosion control by installing a mass planting of Honeysuckle Bushes for spring bloom, texture and fall color instead!

For a natural landscape, add other native trees like Nannyberry Viburnum to enjoy white flowers in early spring. Use Upright Red Chokeberry for red or orange berries.

Selection Guide to Hot Native Honeysuckle Bushes

Bold native Kodiak Black Bush Honeysuckle features bright yellow blooms against burgundy-purple foliage for much of the growing season. You'll support pollinators, but deer tend to leave it alone.

Variegated native Cool Splash Dwarf Honeysuckle Bush looks great all season! Enjoy a lush fill of lovely cream and dark green leaves, sweet-smelling yellow blooms in summertime and pink fall color.

Landscape Shrub of the Year winner Kodiak Orange Bush Honeysuckle features brilliant orange-yellow foliage, yellow flowers and fiery fall color. This pretty, tough native shrub grows in dreaded dry shade conditions, too!

Are you seeing the trend? Honeysuckle Bushes take difficult conditions in stride...filling your landscape as an easy, charming ground cover.

Best Practices with Suckering Honeysuckle

Invasive? No, these are simply spreading, suckering Diervilla Bush Honeysuckles.

Their nature is to colonize. That's a bad thing in a tiny garden bed...but a welcome trait in a long, boring border with plenty of bare ground to fill.

Just like Sumac shrubs, you want to give Diervilla room to do their thing! We list Plant Highlights on every product page; please study their Mature Spread to get the best results.

Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space with a "Living Carpet"

Why worry about weeds? Grow an abundant mass planting of native Diervilla Honeysuckle plants in little time with minimal effort!

Let them fill in the front of your mixed shrub borders. Diervilla is a celebrated "Filler" plant that adds soft texture and intense color to your yard.

Commercial property owners appreciate a plant to grow and enliven public spaces. Once established...they need very little care to thrive.

Large outdoor containers can also be planted with cold-hardy Honeysuckle Bushes. Use as a single species, or surround a showy "Thriller" or Columnar Evergreen tree with several of them.

Another fantastic use for these hardy plants is in that "Hell Strip" between the street and the front sidewalk. Diervilla tolerates snow load and light exposure to salt.

Think of it as "Living Carpet" and you'll think of a zillion places to use it. Imagine small, mounded thickets of colorful foliage and sweetly scented flowering blooms...rather than hardscrabble bare dirt.

Run them in a low garden bed near your patio; or to polish up the edges of your mixed beds. This kind of effortless modern styling brings designer-style for the minimum of care.

Planting and Care Tips for Bush Honeysuckle

Feel great about this smart choice! Diervilla is a carefree plant to grow in full sun or partial shade. They do best in well-drained soil.

Plant them three feet apart in a checkerboard pattern. Mulch between your new Honeysuckle bushes and keep newly-installed mass plantings weeded.

Water them consistently during the first season. Even after their root systems become established in your soil, we do recommend supplemental water in times of drought.

Learn More About the Wonderful Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle (Diervilla) >>

Looking for Vining Honeysuckle? We carry a great selection to use on trellis, on fences, arbors, and other lattice structures.

Bush Honeysuckle are tough, heat tolerant and virtually indestructible. You'll be glad to learn they produce fruit capsules for songbirds in early fall; and act as a larval host for the Fawn Sphinx moth.

Every little bit of habitat is helpful, isn't it? Create a marvelous, low-maintenance garden with wise use of these helpful plants.

Order your shrub Honeysuckles for low hedges, as accent plants, ornamental plants, and foundation plantings. Don't go another season without their effortless style!