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Holly Bushes

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Buy Ready-Steady Holly Shrubs at NatureHills.com

Boost the appearance of your landscape with live Holly plants. These formal, evergreen bushes are a dynamic accent and privacy screen.

Set your landscape design up for long-term success with these durable plants.

Species from English Holly, Modern Hybrids to Winterberry and Japanese Holly

Did you know there are many types of Holly bushes? Botanically known as Ilex; Holly is a vast genus of about 400 species.

Don't worry, we grow and sell the best cultivars to use in North America.

Hollies range in size from less than 1 foot to plants over 70 feet tall after many years. They are popular because of their glossy leaves and classically dense branching.

Formal Evergreen English Holly Fancy Red Berries

By and large, English Holly (Ilex aquifolium) shrubs feature marvelously distinctive, toothed green leaves on an evergreen shrub. Small white flowers bloom in spring.

Sprinkle some of the blooms on top of water to see if the old wives tale is true. It's said that springtime Holly flowers turn water to ice!

Like many English plants, Holly has more than its fair share of legends and folklore. After all, this is the showy evergreen that develops celebrated red berries.

Deck your halls at Christmastime with wreaths and garland. Or leave them on the bush to feed the songbirds in your area after a few freeze and thaw cycles.

Not All Holly Berries are Red

Some Holly bushes produce orange, yellow and even black berries! It all depends on the Holly bush variety. There are even deciduous Hollies...with fantastic berries bedecked on bare branches.

We also sell Holly trees! They grow into a stately, screening grandfather in a modern forest.

Buy Excellent American Hollies and Modern Hybrids

Holly shrubs are incredibly popular with people across much of the continental United States. Rediscover the joys of traditional plantings to beef up the look of their landscaping.

Who knew how easy these gorgeous, glossy shrubs were to grow? We sell a wide variety of Holly species...from beautiful American and English Holly to compact Japanese Holly.

Grow an improved natural hybrid for the best of several species. The special Meserve "Blue Holly" series is a line of cold-hardy Hollies that you'll be thrilled to showcase.

We'll make you happy with a large selection of gorgeous workhorses. NatureHills.com is excited to grow and ship high quality Holly direct to your doorstep.

Enjoy White Flowers and Red Holly Berries

Some Hollies are actually self-pollinating, like tall Oakland™ Holly. You'll get glossy green foliage all year and a heavy berry set on a tightly pyramidal plant.

However, most Holly cultivars require a known male and female pollination partner. We have several combos to choose from...and know that you can plant up to ten females for every male pollinator.

Plant several Blue Princess Meserve Hollies as a colorful hedge. Of course, you'll need to tuck a pollinator like Blue Stallion Holly somewhere nearby... a charming, wavy-edged accent in its own right.

You can even push the "easy button" with our pre-selected Royal Family Holly combination. We've grown a male and female together for a hard-working solution for bright red berries.

You'll love having plenty of homegrown cutting material on hand to create bespoke winter arrangements. Why pay for cut Holly branches, when you can easily grow your own?

Surround an outdoor room with a living wall of Royal Family Holly. It grows to create a perfectly special destination spot.

How Fast Do Holly Shrubs Grow?

Nellie Stevens Holly is the fastest growing Holly. This heat-tolerant, large Holly selection is an outstanding accent for residential and commercial properties alike.

You'll get plenty of beautiful berries with Nellie Stevens Holly. This is especially true with one or more Dwarf Burford Holly planted as a showy "Thriller" in a patio container nearby.

Variegated Holly Foliage Adds Season-Long Interest

Get an eyeful of the dramatic cream margins on these toothed evergreen leaves! Honey Maid Holly makes a very special anchor plant at the corner of your home.

Let your Honey Maid Holly grow into a natural pyramidal shade without much pruning required. This healthy Ilex x meserveae hybrid dazzles with tiny white blooms and red berries if pollinated.

Buy variegated Holly bushes from NatureHills.com for commercial landscape quality. There is a good reason why professional landscape designers count on us to bring their ideas to life.

Winterberry Holly is an American Native Plant

Our showy native Ilex verticillata produces a bountiful berry display with pollination. Even beginners can easily grow these beautiful shrubs in full sun or partial shade in a wide range of soils!

Plant a compact male Holly pollinator Jim Dandy near female Red Sprite Holly. You'll have a season filled with incredible red berries...a blessing in a small space garden or as a low hedge!

Don't forget about deciduous Hollies! The brilliant berries truly "pop" against bare branches.

For a larger display, try fiery female Holly plants like Magical® Daydream Winterberry or Magical® Winter Jewel. Don't forget Jim Dandy, he'll come in handy to pollinate this trio, too.

Create a larger display with Winter Red Holly. Plant several of these female Hollies with their pollinator, Southern Gentleman.

As a bonus, these native Winterberry Holly shrubs tolerate soggy, wet soils. Dwarf Hollies like Little Goblin® Orange and her pollinator, Little Goblin® Guy Holly make excellent low hedges in low-lying areas.

Growing Holly Shrubs in Containers

Even without a yard, no need to rely on silk Holly bushes. Although you can't grow Holly indoors, you can grow a live, narrow Holly bush in an outdoor container.

SelectSky Pencil Holly for "skinny jeans" style that reaches high and stays slender. Or, simply plant our expertly crafted Castle Spire Blue Holly tree-form topiary as a stand-out live Holly cultivar.

Cold-hardy, native Inkberry Hollies are gaining a well-deserved reputation as a superior landscape choice. They have glossy foliage that is lance-shaped and nearly spineless.

Gem Box Inkberry Holly makes a lovely container plant. Try them as a native alternative to Boxwood that features every bit as much elegance.

Keep dwarf Holly bushes in a 20-inch garden container for many years. Use potting mix for ericaceous plants and apply acid-lovers fertilizer according to the label.

NatureHills.com makes it easy to go shopping for dwarf Holly bushes. If you live in growing Zone 6, simply filter the mature height and spread, and limit the results to Zone 6.

Here's a list of our mini, or dwarf Holly Bushes for sale in Zone 6 >>

Filter our site to see all of our small Holly shrubs in stock. You can always give us your email to be notified when a popular selection is back in stock.

Use Japanese Holly Throughout Your Landscape

Rugged Japanese Holly shrub types make a sophisticated design element that you'll never need to fuss over. These special shrubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Some of the most popular sizes include Compact Japanese Holly. This rounded Holly stays small enough to use under windows and makes an intelligent choice in low-maintenance foundation plantings.

Try "Forever green" Patty O Box® Japanese Holly for a low-maintenance landscape. You'll relish the depth of dark color, and the incredible lustrous shine of the leaves.

Urban-tolerant Japanese Holly comes in a variety of shapes and sizes...and takes shearing well. Some leaves are smooth, and there are cultivars that produce black berries.

Asian gardens rely on Japanese Holly much like Boxwood is used. They make very showy topiaries, and perform beautifully as an accent or hedge.

Drops of Gold Japanese Holly is a fantastic yellow Holly bush. Add a sunny finishing touch with these compact, spreading shrubs.

Holly Shrubs Offer Wildlife Support

Butterflies love Holly bushes with white flowers in springtime. These flowers are small, but they are very popular with beneficial pollinators.

Holly berries are not edible for humans. Birds and some other small mammals will eat them after they go through the freeze and thaw process several times.

The Holly berries sustain many species of birds in late winter when food is scarce. Are Holly Berries Safe? >>

Caring for Broad-Leaved Evergreen Holly Shrubs

Hollies like to be planted in full sun or partial shade. Most prefer slightly acidic soils, so use a fertilizer for acid loving shrubs in early spring.

Apply an even amount of water consistently for most of the season; but start tapering off in fall. This will give new growth time to harden and mature before the cold season sets in.

Mulch underneath Holly bushes for the best results. Their shallow roots resent competition; and mulch helps your plant stay clean and pretty.

Holly blooms on old wood, so wait to prune most Holly shrubs until after the flowers are done. Of course, you can take berried branches for seasonal decorations.

Japanese Holly and deciduous Winterberry Hollies require little pruning. Please allow enough room for your choice to reach its mature height and spread.

Click the photos to read more about each Holly cultivar we sell on our online storefront. Each product page has Plant Highlights for all the specifics.

Mature Holly bushes are an asset that adds value to your home. Order the largest container size we offer for sale; and use Nature Hills Root Booster for life-long symbiotic support!

Put Holly to work in your landscape. You'll never regret your decision to include these classic shrubs.