Heavenly Bamboo Shrubs


Heavenly Bamboo Shrubs

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Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica) is also commonly known nandina or sacred bamboo. This is another of those plant families that are commonly known by a common name but are not really bamboo plants. They are an evergreen shrub and not really bamboo at all. In colder climates these plants can be somewhat deciduous but they green up in the spring. In southern climates they will be evergreen but may seasonally change leaf color, depending on the variety of the nandina.

Nature Hills offers the smaller, shrub-like Heavenly Bamboo plants. Nandinas are very easy to grow and care for. They are drought tolerant, disease resistant, and grow in a wide variety of soils. Some display brilliant red foliage and produce red berries in fall and winter. Feeling the soft and lacy-like foliage will als increase your feeling of attraction for these plants

Use this versatile plant in mass plantings, as a specimen, or in borders.