Deutzia Shrubs

Deutzia Shrubs

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Commonly grown as ornamental plants, deutzia varieties are light green, hardy shrubs with white or pink flowers. Deutzia shrubs feature gorgeous blooms, have fall color, are deer resistant, and do not have any significant disease problems. Deutzia gracilis is a member of the hydrangea family that blooms only in spring – mostly in April and May.

These graceful shrubs are mound-shaped and produce an abundance of flowers, the buds of which are perfect little spheres. Flowering deutzia plants have flexible growing conditions and are tolerant of many soil types. However, deutzia varieties need well-drained soil since they can be damaged by excessive moisture. Too much pruning can ruin the plant, so it is best to prune dead branches only, and then lightly prune in spring immediately after flowering. Use Deutzia as an informal hedge, as shrub borders, or along foundations.

Deutzia gracilis Nikko is an awesome ground cover type shrub that tolerates full sun. Growing 2 to 4 feet tall and wide, the deutzia Nikko provides a lovely cascading effect and produces delicate white flowers. Yuki Cherry Blossom Deutzia, however, displays exquisite pink bell-shaped flowers and is a charming 2-foot mounded plant. To produce a successful plant, be sure to learn about the specific varieties that we offer. There are many deutzias to choose from that will certainly meet your garden needs.