Cotoneaster Shrubs

Cotoneaster Shrubs

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The Cotoneaster family (Integerrimus) of shrubs and plants comprise approximately 50 species of mostly deciduous plants that usually produce small red or black berries. Cotoneaster shrubs are tough and easy to grow and often used as groundcover. The most used cotoneaster for groundcovers is the Tom Thumb and a more shrub-like plant is represented by the Peking cotoneaster.

Cotoneaster are commonly used in areas where soils are tough and irregular, on steep embankments to hold soils from eroding, and for hedges. Wildlife love the fruit produced by these plants and they also provide good cover for smaller species and birds. Pruning may be done at any time and size may be controlled by cutting a stem completely back to ground level. Cotoneasters tend to be deer resistant and drought tolerant.