Varieties of Burning Bushes for Sale


Varieties of Burning Bushes for Sale

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  1. Little Moses™ Burning Bush Zones: 4-9
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Simply Stunning Burning Bushes for Sale

Light up your neighborhood with intensely clear red fall color from one of the most-loved shrubs available from the Green Industry. That shrub is the Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus), and you’ll find a fine selection of burning bushes for sale at Nature Hills Nursery.

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Yes, Burning Bush turns that true fire engine red you've seen and coveted for yourself. There’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular deciduous landscape shrubs grown in the United States.

Order our expertly grown shrubs to dazzle all who see it in its full fiery glory.

Pointed, finely serrated leaves cover the densely branched shrub from top to bottom for a lush display. Watch in late summer for the first licks of red to start to appear. 

You'll be thrilled by the bold red color of your Burning Bush to decorate the end of the growing season. Welcome football season with their brilliant hue.

Burning bushes are an easy plant to grow. Whether you are just getting started or have been gardening for years, it’s easy to make friends with these fiery specimens. Don't miss out on our yearly inventory of these special shrubs.

Place your order any time of year. We'll ship your Burning Bush directly to you when the time is right for planting in your area.

Using Ornamental Burning Bush Varieties in Your Landscape

Chicago Fire Burning Bush is a large-scale Burning Bush variety that develops a marvelously symmetrical shape. Use one as a glamorous specimen, or run a series of them along your fence line for an incredible hedge.

Add petite Little Moses Burning Bush to the front of your mixed shrub border. Use them as a low hedge to line your front walkway, an instant way to turn heads with very little effort.

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Burning Bush displays dark green foliage in the spring and summer, a sharp contrast to their scarlet hues in the fall. These stunning shrubs are popular for mass plantings, borders, hedges and, of course, as accent plants.

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Use Compacta Burning Bush to jazz up a cute corner planting. Why not include Dwarf Forsythia for early spring blooms, coupled with your favorite extended bloom perennials for color in the summertime?

Smaller Pipsqueak Burning Bush fits perfectly on modern lots. Use several to create outdoor rooms with their help, and you’ll get the added bonus of privacy screening.

Grow the smaller burning bush cultivars in outdoor containers on a balcony or patio for many years. Keep them on wheeled plant caddies and shift them into a prominent position for a five-alarm fall display.

Burning Bushes Showcase a Svelte Shape

In addition to their compelling fall color display, the Burning Bush presents very well all season-long. A nicely rounded shape creates a lovely profile to enjoy, with very little pruning required.

The youngest branches grow up and then out in an arching growth habit. Burning Bushes are pert plants that remain rounded over time.

Young shrubs display the famous corky winged Burning Bush bark. These prominent longitudinal ridges are a feature that brings welcome winter interest.

Is Burning Bush an Invasive Species?

It depends where you live. Tiny Burning Bush flowers develop into small berries that can be spread by birds, especially in warmer climates.

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Please type your zip code into our Zone Finder above the Plant Highlights on the product page. You'll see a notice from our shipping system if there are regulations on the Burning Bush in your area.

Did you know that Nature Hills Nursery is the leader in environmentally safe online plant sales and shipping? We were the first online nursery to adopt Plant Sentry ™ to help us abide by all Federal and State regulations and keep local communities safe. It's easy enough to snip off the flowers, too. This solution eliminates the berries altogether.

Need an alternative? Native Forest Rouge Viburnum or Viking Black Chokeberry aren't quite as bright a red as the burning bush, but they are lovely in autumn nonetheless.

Plant scientists and universities are also hard at work developing near-seedless Burning Bushes. No one wants to give up on these terrific plants, so they’re finding ways to make them more feasible. As a leader in the green industry, Nature Hills Nursery stays abreast of the latest developments. Turn to us for upcoming sterile cultivars.


Planting and Care Tips for Burning Bush

Like Lilacs, Burning Bushes are easy to grow in full sun. They prefer moist, well-drained soil, but they are very adaptable to most soils and soil conditions across a wide range of the United States.

Plant in full sunlight for the brightest red fall color. Shade will mute the fall colors, which is almost a crime, isn't it?

Track your package right to your doorstep. Open your box right away and give your new plants a nice, long drink of water.

Dig your hole twice as wide as the root ball, but only as deep. They won't like waterlogged soil, so please don't plant Burning Bush too deeply.

Add Nature Hills Root Booster in the planting hole for life-long support. Then press the backfill soil around your plant and water well to eliminate air pockets at the root zone.

Established Burning Bush does show drought tolerance, but we do recommend that you provide a consistent schedule of water for the very best results. Mulch these important landscape assets to keep the ground nice and cool, but pull it back away from touching the stems.

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Consider growing your Burning Bush as a natural hedge, as the lovely form looks formal. Shearing a Burning Bush will also mute the fall color, although it will not harm the shrub.

Give them plenty of room to achieve the mature height and mature spread listed on the Plant Highlights. Like Spirea, Ninebark or other arching shrubs, Burning Bushes look best when they are allowed to fully develop.

The Burning Bush usually does not require much pruning. Rejuvenate your shrubs every few years by cutting out the older branches at ground level immediately after they finish blooming.

For older shrubs, consider cutting them back to the ground every few decades. They'll send out new shoots the following year and delight you once again.

Enhance the look of your autumn landscape with Burning Bushes for sale from Nature Hills Nursery. You'll be thrilled with their brilliant red fall color, performance and stylish appearance. Place your order today.

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