Barberry Bushes

Barberry Bushes

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The Barberry is a hardy garden shrub. Barberry is also known as berberis or Pepperidge bush. Barberries are well known for their thorny, wiry branches. Nature Hills markets the deciduous barberry shrub. Barberry was introduced to the United States in the 1800’s as an ornamental and it still is a popular landscape plant. There are some new varieties that are relatively thorn less and some with colorful leaves that create interest. Barberry tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions. Barberry tolerates pollution, shade and drought.

Barberry is commonly used in hedges. The sharp thorns create a natural barrier or living fence. Barberries are used for massing, shrub borders and as foundation plants. Barberry flowers in the spring and the fruits mature in the fall and many fruits will persist through the winter. The seeds are eaten by small mammals and birds. Barberries transplant easily and withstand pruning well. Prune immediately after flowering or in late winter for best results.