Winter Interest Shrubs


Winter Interest Shrubs

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  1. Winter Gem Boxwood Zones: 5-9
    As low as $99.39
  2. Blue Prince Holly Zones: 5-9
    As low as $68.60
  3. Blue Princess Holly Zones: 5-9
    As low as $49.79
  4. Frost Proof Gardenia Zones: 7-10
    As low as $19.50
  5. Sky Pencil Holly Zones: 5-9
    As low as $19.50
  6. Green Velvet Boxwood Zones: 5-9
    As low as $99.39
  7. Nellie Stevens Holly Zones: 6-9
    As low as $158.69
  8. Green Mountain Boxwood Zones: 5-8
    As low as $89.99
  9. American Holly Zones: 5-9
    As low as $79.29
  10. Fragrant Tea Olive Zones: 7-11
    As low as $167.89
  11. Hot Shot Girard Azalea Zones: 6-9
    As low as $88.79
  12. P.J.M. Rhododendron Zones: 4-8
    As low as $89.09
  13. Yuletide Camellia Zones: 7-10 (Patio 4 - 11)
    As low as $188.59
  14. Baby Gem™ Boxwood Zones: 5-9
    As low as $49.69
  15. Castle Spire® Blue Holly Zones: 5-7
    As low as $69.59
  16. Royal Family Holly Combo Zones: 5-9
    As low as $68.60
  17. Fragrant Valley Sweet Box Zones: 6-8
    As low as $39.89
  18. Dwarf Mugo Pine Zones: 2-8
    As low as $59.99
  19. Encore® Autumn Royalty® Azalea Zones: 6-9
    As low as $58.80
  20. Encore® Autumn Twist® Azalea Zones: 6-9
    As low as $79.19
  21. Compact Japanese Holly Zones: 6-9
    As low as $59.49
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173 items

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What Are Winter Interest Shrubs?


The definition of a Winter Interest Shrub is simple. This category comprises a variety of shrubs and bushes that attract attention during the winter in colder climates.

These deciduous plants shed their leaves as temps drop, but that doesn’t mean they’ll blend into the drab winter landscape of gray and brown trunks and branches. Even though these plants may blend into the landscape when everything else is lush and green, they display a striking or unique form that catches the eye when your other plants await spring’s awakening.

Bushes & Shrubs with Standout Winter Style

The shrubs we like for winter interest may have irregular branching or colorful stems, such as the red twigged dogwood (Cornus) family. Burning bush shrubs (Euonymus altus) create an architectural appeal as the wings or ridges surround the stems in a vividly textured display. Evergreen shrubs are specifically planted in landscapes to provide a relief from winter’s endless expanse of gray and white. The various greens, blues and other shades of the evergreen foliage stand out in the cold and keep your yard from being just another colorless location.

One of the most widely used winter interest bushes that makes an impression is the holly (Ilex) group. We carry several types of holly bushes, and each exhibits bright shiny green leaves and contrasting red berries in a variety of shapes and sizes to decorate any cold-weather scene. Junipers are another good choice for enlivening your winter garden, as some may change shades or colors in various seasons. They are available in a wide range of sizes and plant forms as well. If you want your landscape to glow during all seasons, try the flowering evergreen rhododendron plants. You can improve the aesthetic appearance of a lifeless, gray-brown area with our variety of winter interest shrubs!

Four Seasons of Life at Nature Hills

Shop Nature Hills Nursery for the highest-quality trees, shrubs and plants that add beauty to all four seasons. From spring blooms to summer shade to brilliant fall foliage to elegant winter displays, we guarantee all our plants for their first year of life. We also remain in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations with help from Plant Sentry™, so you can shop with peace of mind. For more information, click on any picture or call Nature Hills at (402) 934-8116. Join thousands of happy customers in getting all your planting needs delivered to your door from Nature Hills.