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Buy Small Bushes for Landscaping

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Small Shrubs for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Our small shrubs category has a plant for just about everybody. Since Nature Hills Nursery offers so many sizes of shrubs for sale, there are certainly low shrubs that will fit into your landscape or balcony.


Some small choices are flowering bushes, and others are evergreen shrubs. Nature Hills Nursery even grows evergreen flowering shrubs like fragrant Sweet Box.

Take a look at the wonderful selection of low-growing shrubs online. You are sure to find shrubs that fit even small space gardens. Many of our most popular full-size shrub varieties, such as Hydrangeas, Forsythias, Potentillas and Ninebarks also come in pint-sized cultivars.

Short shrubs that perform beautifully year after year are highly sought after. Plant scientists are developing small fruit shrubs like Peach Sorbet Blueberry that feature healthy fruit and exceptional fall colors.

Use small flowering shrubs as specimens, in short borders, for boundary line demarcation, and as easy-care mass plantings. Filter your small shrub selection by sun exposure to get all the options that suit your specific planting site.

Keep low-growing evergreen shrubs in outdoor containers for many years. Appreciate a bird's Nest Spruce as a quirky forever green specimen on your patio or porch.



What is a small flowering shrub?

Small flowering shrubs generally refer to those reaching no more than three feet tall and wide. As low-maintenance small shrubs for the front of the house, small flowering shrubs make a big statement in garden design. Try Endless Summer® Crush® Hydrangea for a bold, raspberry red color.

You can't get much more flower power than the modern selections of native Potentilla. Delicate foliage is paired with cheerful blooms from spring through frost. It’s a big time butterfly favorite.

Small perennial shrubs are also called subshrubs. Take a look at our Lavender plants as an option with an incredible fragrance and cool-toned foliage and flowers.

What are the most popular dwarf evergreen shrubs?

Tater Tot Arborvitae is more than just a fun name. It's also a cute, rounded puffball in the landscape.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees are tiny versions of their large cousins. They grow slowly into an excellent pyramid to anchor a courtyard or patio planting.

Add our small evergreen shrubs to your landscape for year-round color. Most of these are natural modern dwarves that rarely need pruning.

What small shrubs look good all year round?

Several small shrubs keep up their good looks throughout the year. Put a drop of living sunshine along your front walkway with Sunjoy® Gold Beret Barberry. These diminutive shrubs offer multi-seasons of color.

Beautiful Purple Diamond semi-dwarf Purple Loropetalum gives an incredible show, too. Ruby-red fringed flowers pop against the dark purple foliage.

Bollywood Azalea is a broad-leaved evergreen with intensely vibrant deep pink blooms. You'll also appreciate the variegated foliage year-round.

When should I plant small shrubs?

The short answer is: whenever we are shipping into your area. Since 2001, Nature Hills Nursery has been delighting customers with our careful attention to detail. We won’t ship plants to a certain area unless the weather and conditions are right.

Reserve your plants by ordering any time of year. We will lavish professional care on them until the time is favorable for planting at your home.

We recommend our Nature Hills Root Booster with all shrubs to use during planting. This symbiotic formula never wears out.

Flowering bushes and other small shrubs are some of the most popular plants on our website, and with very good reason. Browse our extensive collection and place your order today.