Red Twig Dogwoods


Red Twig Dogwoods

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Colorful Red Twigged Dogwood shrubs exhibit color during all four seasons. The red colored stems of the dogwood are extraordinary even in the most drab, colorless depths of winter. If your landscape is in a snowy section of the Unites States, the red twigged dogwood shrub is even more extraordinary.

Nature Hills offers Red Twigged Dogwoods in a variety of foliage colors. Some variegated colors are offered as well, such as the Ivory Halo (Cornus alba ‘Bailhalo’). Not only does the Red Twigged Dogwood provide many foliage colors, they also adorn themselves with a flush of white flowers each spring. Dogwood shrubs are easy to care for, and they adapt well to pruning. Use these plants as specimens, in borders, or as a smaller hedge. For more information click on any picture or call 888.864.7663.