Red Flowering Shrubs

Red Flowering Shrubs

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  1. Little John Dwarf BottleBrush Zones: 8-11
    As low as $99.19
  2. Cooke's Purple™ Smokebush Zones: 5-8
    As low as $59.39
  3. Red Yucca Zones: 5-11
    As low as $39.59
  4. Petite Knock Out® Rose Zones: 5-9
    As low as $39.59
  5. Danica Rose of Sharon Zones: 6-9
    As low as $98.79
  6. Petite Knock Out® Rose Tree Form Zones: 5-10
    As low as $119.69
  7. Oh My!™ Rose Zones: 5-10
    As low as $79.19
  8. Smokin' Hot Hybrid Tea Rose Zones: 4-10
    As low as $69.99
  9. Take it Easy Rose Tree Zones: 5-9
    As low as $129.19
  10. Chinese Fringe Flower Zones: 7-9
    As low as $119.99
  11. Quick Fire Fab® Panicle Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
    As low as $79.79
  12. Magical® Ruby Red Hydrangea Zones: 5-9
    As low as $69.29
  13. Miracle On The Hudson™ Shrub Rose Zones: 3-9
    As low as $59.99
  14. Red Streamer Climbing Rose Zones: 5-8
    As low as $79.19
  15. True Passion™ Hybrid Tea Rose Zones: 5-9
    As low as $69.99
  16. Ringo® Rose Zones: 4-8
    As low as $79.19
  17. Ringo All-Star™ Shrub Rose Zones: 4-8
    As low as $79.19
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197 items

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Dazzling Red Flowering Shrubs For Sale at

Your favorite red flowering bush or shrub will definitely attract attention when used in your landscape. Feature a red and orange flowering bush for a warm color that will accentuate a particular area!

Adding red to your garden doesn't limit you to flowers. The bushes you love could be foliage plants with ruby red leaves. Red leaved shrubs also command attention, so don't overlook easy-care Photinia!

Our native Sumac has impressive red seed pods over brilliant fall color. Of course, many of our incredible Rose bushes deliver bloom after bloom all season long!

Even Barberry and Burning Bushes might work in your area! Our shipping system, Plant Sentry will let you know if you can responsibly grow a particular red leaf bush in your local geography.

The choices for heights, foliage color, shades of red, and spreads are numerous in this exciting category! Filter the results to by USDA Growing Zone.


What shrub has red flowers in spring?

One of the earliest flowers is Quince. They make a very happy sight after winter!

Try a mass planting of compact Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince Bush with small red flowers. There is another brilliant selection called Double Take™, which is a shrub with orange


Vivid shrubs to use as landscaping focal points in springtime might be Nova Zembla Rhododendron. We have a hard time keeping these popular shrubs in stock, so reserve your plants right away if you see them in stock on our site!

What is the bush with large red flowers?

Many people contact us about Grateful Red Hydrangea! These spectacular mophead blooms make a colorful low hedge and work well in containers, too!

Double Play™ Red Spirea is covered in large clusters of tiny, true red flowers. This high-performance selection is a perfect choice for foundation plantings. 

What is the big red flower bush?

If the leaves remain green all year long, it might be Yuletide Camellia! People use these large-scale shrubs as a privacy hedge with bold red flowers in wintertime.

Or, perhaps Red Heart Rose of Sharon might be the one you are thinking of. You'll find plenty of red-accented blooms in these tall, summer-blooming screening plants!

What time of year should I plant shrubs?

Since 2001, has made it easy for people to decorate their outdoors with high-quality shrubs. We grow, sell and ship plants across the country..., but only when the weather is right for planting in your area!

When you get your tracking number, that means you can successfully plant your new shrubs. We love our plant material and hold the shipments if the weather is too hot or cold.

Go big and bold with red flowering shrubs! Don't forget the Nature Hills Root Booster for life-long benefits as mentioned in our expert planting tips