Purple Flowering Shrubs

Purple Flowering Shrubs

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Showy Purple Flowering Shrubs For Sale At NatureHills.com

There is nothing as popular as a purple flowering bush! Trust us, you aren't the only one who has fallen in love with that shrub with purple flowers in your neighborhood!

In fact, this category is one of our top sellers! Our customer care team helps with purple flowering bush identification each week; and the inventory flies out of our nursery.

Majestic purple flowers are the color of success, mystery and dignity. Maybe you just like the way they look; or perhaps you are seeking to create a restful landscape.

Eye-catching purple on a woody shrub often bring on a second glance. There are many shades of shrubs with blue and purple flowers; and they come in all different shapes and sizes to suit many garden applications.


What is the name of the purple flowering bush?

The most beloved purple bush flowers most used in landscapes include Lilacs, Rose of Sharon and Hydrangeas. Don't forget purple flowering Rose bushes, located in our Rose category. 

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These shrubs are all deciduous and perennial bloomers that come back year after year. Most of them are very easy-care, modern cultivars developed for high performance!

There are often minute differences of shades in purple flowers. The discussion of these differences, such as shades of purples, lavenders, and some blues, is in the eye of the beholder! 

In fact, some purple flowering shrubs are called blue! Arthur J. Simmons Bluebeard offers an extended season of bloom...perfect for butterflies and beneficial pollinators!

For a low-maintenance bush with small purple flowers, try Loropetalum. Purple Diamond Loropetalum features aubergine-hued foliage and dramatically hot, fringy flowers.

To start your spring season with scintillating blooms, take a look at the dynamic Polarnacht Rhododendron. These useful shrubs stay low to the ground, but spread wide.

What shrub has purple berries?

Don't forget, it's not always about flowers! Why not look at a selection of a native Purple Glam Beautyberry shrub for bold berries to decorate for fall?

What hedge has purple flowers?

Use a tall purple flowering shrub to create outdoor garden rooms. You'll love the informal privacy a wall of Lilac brings to your landscape.

Common Purple Lilac features that memorable spring scent you love so well! Large, profuse panicles of flowers are held above the green foliage for an incredible display.

Nikko Blue Hydrangea makes a very "friendly" mid-sized living fence. Gorgeous cool purple-blue mopheads cover these stunning shrubs starting in mid-summer.

What time of year should I plant shrubs?

We'll make it easy for you. Since 2001, NatureHills.com has grown, sold and shipped plants across the country...but only when the weather is right for planting in your area.

If we are shipping your plant, you can successfully plant it in the ground. Track your box, open it right away and dunk it in water for about five minutes to successfully hydrate them.

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Take advantage of our growing team's expertise. Read our customer reviews to see how we've helped people just like you enjoy their outdoor life with beautiful blooms.