Privacy Shrubs


Privacy Shrubs

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In order to successfully plan your landscape, the main characteristics of a privacy shrub should be studied carefully.  A shrub should be selected based on the height required for a hedge, the denseness of the shrubbery, and the length of time the privacy is desired.  For complete year-round privacy, an evergreen shrub would be the best choice. (Remember if no one can see in, no one can see out either).  To have privacy and some landscape color for only the growing season, a deciduous shrub would be the best selection.  Deciduous shrubs offer seasonal, and in many cases, flowering choices.

Some of the most popular evergreen privacy shrubs are hollies (Ilex) and arborvitaes (Thuja). Both species offer many selections of heights, and provide wonderful evergreen foliage in various shades of green.  Some of the best deciduous privacy shrubs are hydrangeas, privets, and lilacs. Of course, the lilacs and hydrangeas provide the most seasonal spectacles of color.  Privets have a denseness that is highly prized over long periods of time, especially during the growing season.  For more information click on any picture or call Nature Hills at (402) 934-8116.