Pink Flowering Shrubs


Pink Flowering Shrubs

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Pink Flowering Shrubs - Do you want a pink flavor in your landscape?  Choosing any of our pink flowering shrubs will help fulfill this wish.  Because there are various sizes, forms, and quite a range of pinks, one can choose the perfect shrub that fits the landscape.  The pink flowers not only blend in well with other flower colors, but add a‘softness’ to a garden.  These perennial shrubs repeat their beauty performance every year.  

Choose from the lilac family for a variety of pinks, such as the James Macfarlane, Josee, Miss Canada and Tinkerbelle.  The hydrangeas species also offers a wide selection of pink colors of various plant sizes.  Glowing Embers, Invincibelle Spirit, and Let’s Dance Moonlight are a few pink hydrangeas offered by Nature Hills.  Because of the wide range of selections, pink flowering shrubs can be used as specimen plants, for borders, and screening.  For more information click on any picture or call Nature Hills at 888.864.7663.