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  1. Common Purple Lilac Zones: 3-7
    As low as $44.99

  2. Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Zones: 4-7
    As low as $62.99

  3. Golden Vicary Privet Zones: 5-8
    As low as $49.99

  4. Blue Princess Holly Zones: 5-9
    As low as $59.99

  5. Nanking Cherry Tree Zones: 2-6
    As low as $53.99

  6. Sensation Lilac Zones: 3-7
    As low as $56.14

  7. Kerria Golden Guinea Zones: 4-9
    As low as $63.99

  8. Royalty Lilac Zones: 3-8
    As low as $62.99

  9. Staghorn Sumac Zones: 4-8
    As low as $53.99

  10. Amur North River Privet Zones: 4-7
    As low as $49.79

  11. Smooth Sumac Zones: 3-9
    As low as $53.99

  12. President Grevy Lilac Zones: 3-7
    As low as $71.99

  13. Charles Joly Lilac Zones: 3-7
    As low as $50.42

  14. Meadowlark Forsythia Zones: 3-9
    As low as $44.99

  15. Hazelnut Zones: 4-9
    As low as $80.99

  16. Common White Lilac Zones: 2-7
    As low as $55.95

  17. Red Osier Dogwood Zones: 2-8
    As low as $62.99

  18. Persian Lilac Zones: 3-7
    As low as $62.99

  19. Bailey Red Twigged Dogwood Zones: 3-9
    As low as $53.99

  20. Pocahontas Lilac Zones: 2-7
    As low as $49.49

  21. Peking Cotoneaster Zones: 3-7
    As low as $53.99

  22. Black Chokeberry Bush Zones: 3-8
    As low as $62.99

  23. Hedge Cotoneaster Zones: 3-7
    As low as $44.99

  24. Vanhouttei Spirea Zones: 4-8
    As low as $44.99

  25. Cheyenne Privet Zones: 4-8
    As low as $49.49

  26. Limelight Hydrangea Zones: 3-9
    As low as $49.49

  27. Beauty of Moscow Lilac Zones: 3-7
    As low as $62.99

  28. Black Knight Butterfly Bush Zones: 5-9
    As low as $17.99

  29. Yankee Doodle Lilac Zones: 2-8
    As low as $44.99

  30. Agincourt Beauty Lilac Zones: 3-7
    As low as $70.95

  31. Dappled Willow Zones: 4-9
    As low as $47.99

  32. Pussy Willow Zones: 4-9
    As low as $55.99

  33. Pinky Winky® Hydrangea Zones: 3-9
    As low as $39.59

  34. Black Lace® Elderberry Zones: 4-7
    As low as $69.29
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111 items

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Pretty Privacy Large Shrubs from

You'll get a lot of "bang for the buck" with large shrubs...even if you are starting with a blank slate. Shop our curated collection; and you'll find the perfect showpiece to enjoy in your landscape. is America's Largest Online Plant Nursery, and we've been shipping high quality plants since 2001. Our expert growers grow and deliver exceptional, well-rooted shrubs for commercial landscape designers and homeowners alike.

Versatile Large Shrubs Grow into Effective Privacy Screen

All shrubs in the Large Shrub category can be used for a screen or hedge. Strategically plant a single tall shrub just where you need it for privacy.

Plant a close row of your favorite Privet for a hard-working hedge. Keep them tightly manicured with regular shearing...or let them grow out for a gorgeous informal landscape feature.

Some of our best-selling tall shrubs include Common White Lilac. It's no wonder these are so popular, as the large spring flower trusses smell absolutely fantastic!

Large shrubs like Cole's Select Serviceberry are also widely used in windbreaks and for wildlife covers. They produce delicate spring blooms and edible fruit for jams, jellies and to use for wildlife food.

Brilliant red berries are the hallmark of American Cranberrybush Viburnum. Attractive tri-lobed foliage burnishes to a dignified burgundy for a showy fall color display.

Evergreen Blue Princess Holly bushes make a wonderfully adroit addition to your yard. Put them to work shielding your outdoor dining room, or guarding the perimeter of your property.

Don't forget to add the smaller Blue Prince Holly somewhere on your property. He's the all-important pollinator for those gorgeous red berries in wintertime, and he'll cover up to 10 Blue Princess Hollies. sells a plethora of large types of shrubs that produce flowers for honey bees. Over the season, you'll enjoy watching berries develop for songbirds and other wildlife.

Fast-growing Elderberry bushes are a bold and useful addition to a modern landscape. You'll be amazed how quickly they become a lush background for your backyard get-togethers!

Yes, these are the Elderberries you buy at the health food store. See why Elderberries are America's new favorite plant >>

Naturalize Pussy Willow in a low-lying area for excellent habitat. As a bonus, you'll always have access to those darling fuzzy catkins in very early spring.

Selecting Your Large Shrubs for Full Sun. Partial Shade or Full Shade

Filter the results you want to see by sun exposure, growing Zone, mature spread and height. Click the photos to visit the product pages, which contain specific growing and care information.

Sun exposure translates to the following amounts of sunlight:

Full sun means at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. The more sun you give these large shrubs, the better performance you'll enjoy!

Partial shade sun is the same thing as partial sun! Either one means sun exposure from two to four hours a day.

Native Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea performs best in partial shade. Alice is an easy-to-grow shrub that features incredible foliage and white to pink-flowering power.

Full Shade is considered less than two hours a day...but please use common sense. Very few large shrubs will grow well in deep darkness!

However, if you do have shade, try highly adaptable Grey Twig Dogwood! You'll love the burgundy fall color, and butterflies certainly appreciate the springtime flowers.

For large-scale screening in Full Shade, don't forget about Climbing Hydrangea Vine grows tall and wide, but takes up a mere few feet as a footprint on a trellis. If you have a shady backyard, this popular plant makes a beautifully showy option to choose!

Design Your Landscape Around Large Shrubs offers many large shrubs for landscape use. The wide variety we offer provides many beautiful shrubs for just about any garden design application!

Let's start by raising the height of your hardscape fence with a hedge of your favorite large shrub. Evergreen Nellie Stevens Holly will block your neighbors year-round...and the dense foliage helps absorb sound, too.

Plants also augment the experience of your existing landscape features. Plant fragrant Buttonbush in a semi-circle at the sides of a water feature for a thrilling sense of "discovery" as you come around the bend.

Turn a slope into an easy-care, fiery fall fantasy with waterwise, native Sumac shrubs. Start with bold Staghorn Sumac at the top, then add Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac placed further down the slope.

Plant in zigzagging, staggered rows and mulch heavily between plants. Don't forget the eye-catching First Editions® Tiger Eyes® Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac as a focal point above landscape boulders.

Even small yards can successfully leverage the easy-care charm of large shrubs. In this case, we recommend that you choose a shrub with "Four Seasons" of interest.

Low maintenance Bailey Red Twigged Dogwood grows quickly into an attractive vase-shaped shrub. You'll enjoy flowers, fruit and incredible, flame-red stems for winter interest!

What is the Difference Between a Large Shrub and a Small Tree?

The truth be told...many large shrubs can also be kept as small trees! It's a subtle difference, but the end result is spectacular.

Even stunning Crape Myrtle trees can be pruned to any height! People regularly grow them as a three-foot hedge with a biyearly haircut.

Show off the pretty features of fragrant Flame Amur Maple by simply grooming the lowest limbs up to raise the canopy. Select one main trunk, or use several for the look of a multi-stemmed clump.

You can't go wrong with Nannyberry Viburnum. These handsome shrubs look impeccable all year-long; with white flowers, fruit and fall foliage.

"What Kind of Maintenance is Involved With Large Shrubs?"

Give your shrub it's preferred growing conditions to set yourself up for success. Plan for the largest mature height and spread and you'll eliminate a lot of hassle.

But that's not to say that deciduous shrubs won't need pruning. Every few years, remove a few of the thickest branches out at ground level to keep the flowers coming on strong.

Evergreen shrubs seldom need this type of renewal pruning. But we bet you'll be sneaking some boughs bedecked with the red Holly berries into your Holiday decorations.

Read #ProPlantTips Pruning 101 >>

For most shrubs, you'll want to provide a consistent amount of water. Mulch over the root systems to a depth of three inches, but pull it back away from touching the stems.

Fertilize in spring with a good, slow-release formula. Please keep lawn fertilizers away from your flowering shrubs...these mixes are too rich in nitrogen and will reduce flowers.

How to Use Large Shrubs as a Hedge

Looking for a solid screen? Check out our entire line of Hedge plants for sale at; you'll love the look and utility!

Northern gardeners get James MacFarlane Lilac shrubs; but Southern gardeners can enjoy the fragrant charm of Delavay Osmanthus!

Make your garden your own with a little planning and some expert plant material from! Let us thrill you with beautiful plants shipped in sturdy boxes right to your doorstep.

The whole team appreciates your business! Buy large shrubs from this season.

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