Lacecap Hydrangeas

Lacecap Hydrangeas

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Hydrangea lilacina, or lace cap hydrangea, is a member of the microphylla family of hydrangeas. The hydrangea lilacina has large mauve sepals and a dark blue center. The blooms of the hydrangea lilacina remain for a long time during the summer months. This plant will grow to a mature height of three to five feet tall.

Hydrangea lilacina has beautiful green foliage, as do most of the other hydrangeas. This deciduous shrub prefers a well-drained soil with a pH level of acidic to slightly alkaline. Hydrangea lilacina, once established, is fairly drought tolerant, but needs a good deal of water during the blooming period.

Pruning of the hydrangea lilacina should only be done after the flowering season, and only if necessary. Ensure that the plant is not growing near a tree, which will absorb most of the nutrients from the soil that the hydrangea lilacina needs to grow. Preferring partial shade, the hydrangea lilacina will be hardy in zones five through nine.

Very upright in habit, the hydrangea lilacina is a large and impressive shrub, with its beautiful display of blue blooms. The blooms of the hydrangea lilacina will appear on both old and new wood, making pruning an easier task. The stems have an obvious purple speckling to them.