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Landscape Hedges for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery


Hedges are widely utilized in commercial landscapes and in the yards of private homes. These green or living fences are composed of plants planted closely together, so the canopies touch. You can find a grand array of landscape hedges for sale right here at Nature Hills Nursery.

Hedging plants can be short, tall, sculptured or left to mature naturally. They are used for privacy, windbreaks, property line demarcation and for decorative purposes.

Shrubs that are used for privacy hedges can be formally trimmed or allowed to grow naturally. Even Boxwood can be left alone to grow into a fluffy, natural shrub.

Modern aesthetics now call for landscapes to be natural sanctuaries. Try a mix of both formal and informal, or let your formal hedge go wild for a season to see if you like it.

Evergreen Hedges or Deciduous Hedges? Either Choice is a Win


Evergreen hedge plants can be narrow-leaved or broadleaved. Deciduous plants can be grown as a flowering asset, or primarily for foliage or fall color.

When it’s time to order hedges, considerations include:

  • How tall or short do they need to be?
  • How dense do they have to be?
  • How much pruning and trimming are you willing to do?
  • How long do they live?
  • How fast do they grow?
  • How much shade or sun is available?
  • What type of soil and drainage is in the location?
  • How much space do the plants need?

Informal deciduous shrubs fast-growing hedges. Use eye-catching flowering shrubs such as ForsythiaSpirea or Rhododendrons to create a delightful yard display.

Hedges make very effective dividers that can separate an area, such as a dog run or a patio, from the rest of the landscape. As the best place to buy hedges, Nature Hills Nursery sells many types of hedging plants. from the classic to the nouveau.

Your available time, sunlight, location and size are the limiting factors in plant selection. You can grow them in full sun to partial shade.

Privacy Hedges with Classic Structure

Formal hedges are usually evergreens and are carefully trimmed and have a stately appearance. A living fence offers more flexibility than a hardscape one. It’s cheaper, too.

Cut topiary cones and balls to bring focus to either side of a staircase. Dip a swag at regular intervals to keep the eye moving through your landscape with a touch of grandeur.

There is a restful yet expansive feeling living with manicured hedges. They signify that all's right in your creation. All it takes is a bit of maintenance, which can be a nice task outdoors on a cool, cloudy day.

Informal Hedges Set the Stage for Good Times


Informal hedges tend to be deciduous and they will also have to be pruned for good health. However, in this case, the end product will have a natural or informal appearance.

Run a long row of Red Twig Dogwood along your driveway for a burst of winter interest and charming blooms and berries. Or add a short row to block your neighbor's view of your back door.

Mix and match your choices by bloom color. Or start a curated collection of arching Weigela or Ninebark to repeat a similar form through your landscape.

Keeping a hedge informal is a good choice to support butterflies and birdsViburnum delivers flowers, textured foliage and pretty berries, all wrapped up in an excellent landscape performance.

Colorful Low Hedges Are an Easy Way to Add Definition

Direct foot traffic with a showy row of Landscape Shrub RosesAbelia and Potentilla also offer long-lasting visual interest.


Plant low hedges along the base of leggy shrubs as a facer. You can even run a low version in front of a tall hedge for a pop of polish.

Front sidewalks make a natural location to jazz up with a low hedge. Try scented Lavender subshrub plants in sharply drained soil.

Quince is one of the earliest shrubs to bloom. Enjoy a garden moment each year with a low flowering hedge running the length of your sunny side yard.

Make the most of your garden with low hedges. They add distinctive style and help bring personality and life to your landscape.

Hedges Create Hard-Working Garden Rooms

Live life to the fullest with thoughtful landscape planning. Today's busy families have plenty of activities in an average yard. Carve out space to achieve everything you want to do with stylish hedges.

Living walls turn a ho-hum section of your yard into an outdoor room. Place your entertainment area in one space, and use the other side for a private secret garden with a beloved hammock.

Create a Destination Spot in Your Yard >>

Plan Out Your Hedge with Correct Spacing

Every shrub has a mature spread, or width, which is listed in the Plant Highlights section of every product page. These are often ranges with the largest number in optimal growing conditions.

For a hedge, you'll want to plant your bushes using 1 foot less than the smallest number listed for mature spread. Measure from the center of one shrub to the center of the next.

Get faster results with larger plants. You'll still measure the same distance apart, but you'll see more immediate results with larger plants.

Go for the largest container size we have in stock. You'll get a real leg-up on a solid hedge with larger plants to start with.

You can also plant a double row with a staggered, zigzagging planting pattern. This gives the fastest fill, and looks great with an informal hedge.

Planting and Care Tips to Help Order Hedges

Good hedges start with great choices. Ensure that your new hedge is hardy in your growing zone and will receive adequate sunlight in your chosen spot.

rose of sharon

How to Grow Healthy Plants >>

All of our product pages have Plant Highlights with more specific details on sun exposure and preferred soil type. Most shrubs do fine in well-drained soil, but Rose of Sharon will tolerate wetter soils than others.

Order hedges any time you see your preferred shrub in stock. We hold your order until the time is right for planting your hedge.

We pause shipments during extreme summer heat. However, please know that you can plant any time of year as long as the ground isn't frozen.

Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball, but no deeper. Always use Nature Hills Root Booster during planting, as it supports the tiny feeder roots over the entire life of your hedge.

Water carefully the first season, using the finger test to determine watering frequency. Poke your finger into the ground next to your plant. If it's still damp, skip watering and check again tomorrow.

Thereafter, most plants prefer a consistent water schedule. This is especially important during dry times without adequate rainfall.

Mulch helps keep the root system cool and moist. Apply a 3-inch layer, then pull it back away from directly touching the stems.

Pruning Tips for Formal Hedges

Trim hedges into a symmetrical, well-maintained wall of green for a beautiful presentation all year-round. Depending on the species, achieving that goal may require up to four trims a year.

When pruning a formal hedge, always remember the lowest branches need sunlight as much as the top branches do. Keep the top slightly narrower than the base of your formal hedge. Reduce snow damage with a rounded top and a cold-hardy selection.

Maintaining that desirable pyramidal shape will help your hedge maintain green foliage from top to bottom. The goal is a lush, dense hedge, after all.

Use a string guide with a pair of temporary stakes on either end. Keep the string a bit higher than where you'll be pruning.

Keep vigorous hedges in check by removing lighter green foliage back into the older growth. Don't forget to step back and check your work frequently. You'll get the hang of it quickly.

When Do I Prune My Hedge?


Pruning timing really depends on what kind of hedge you've selected. Evergreen hedges have different needs than deciduous ones do.

Read Our #ProPlantTips Pruning 101 Blog >>

An evergreen hedge like boxwood can be pruned just as the plants come out of dormancy in early spring. Clean up the flush of new growth in mid-season, but do not prune any later or you'll put new growth at risk for winter temperatures.

Showy deciduous Privet hedges grow tall, and quickly. Set your desired hedge height and keep it there. We recommend that you wait until after the fragrant spring blooms are done to support honeybees with their nectar.

It's tempting to rely on electric trimmers on Privet hedges, and they certainly speed up the process. But don't neglect to trim dead branches out at ground level, and use hand-pruning header cuts as the last step for a polished look.

Hedge shrubs that can be clipped periodically include:

The time to prune your deciduous hedge depends on their bloom time. Some shrubs, like LilacAzalea and Viburnum, bloom on old wood from the year before.

Clean up these flowering deciduous hedges once the amazing spring blooms are finished. Use a combination of thinning and heading cuts to shape up your informal shrubs.

If your deciduous shrub blooms on new wood, like Spireas, you can shape your deciduous hedges as they come out of dormancy. Depending on the variety you've selected, a single trimming may be all you need to do.

Butterfly BushesBarberry and Burning Bush do too well in certain locales. That's why Nature Hills Nursery was the first online plant nursery to partner with Plant Sentry™. This online shipping tool for regulated plants that helps ensure certain plants don’t get sent to regions where they’re not permitted.

Hedges for Sale Online at Nature Hills Nursery

By the time we list our hedges for sale online, our expert growers have put many years of care into these special shrubs. A #5 Boxwood may be up to 7 years old, for instance.

We groom our bushes for strong branching and lush appearance that starts low down in the canopy. We don't do short cuts at Nature Hills Nursery. This gives every gardener a big head start when it’s time to order hedges — or any other type of plant. It’s also something we’d hope gardeners expect from an online nursery that’s been helping people grow since 2021.

Let your creativity soar with the beautiful boundaries brought about by garden hedges. They'll grow into a steadfast, classic backdrop for fountains, ponds, gazebos, arbors, outdoor seating areas, she-sheds and so much more. Review the vast selection of hedges for sale at Nature Hills Nursery, and place your order today.

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