Types of Flowering Bushes for Sale


Types of Flowering Bushes for Sale

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Flowering Bushes for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

High-quality Flowering Shrubs add structure and balance to your landscape, and you’ll find the highest quality right here at Nature Hills Nursery. Flowering bushes create a harmonious background, so you can get the peace and tranquility you crave this season.

Buy Flowering Shrubs from us help create a beautiful garden design and dramatic presentation. We offer a large online catalog of different types of flowering bushes, which you can quickly filter to pinpoint the type that’s right for you. Filter your search results by USDA growing zones, mature height and spread, and exposure to full sun or part shade.

Enrich your garden’s presentation the easy way. Be sure to include Flowering Shrubs to draw your eyes to tall vertical lines, radiating branches, and splashy colors that add so much panache.

Appreciate the stunning effects of your investments in your dream garden. We select modern flowering shrubs for longevity, landscape performance and superior resistance to insects and diseases.

Choose the best small flowering bushes to create your colorful haven. Nature Hills Nursery makes it easy to buy the large flowering shrubs you are looking for, too.

Types of Flowering Bushes that Work Best for Year-Long Blooms


Your ideal garden can always have a new flower (or two.) to show off to garden visitors. A little planning makes a big difference.

Choose flowering shrubs that have overlapping bloom seasons. Ideally, you would choose from shrubs that flower ranging from early spring to late fall.

Early Blooming Flowering Shrubs from Nature Hills Nursery

  • Vivid Forsythia will make everyone smile.
  • Plant low-growing Flowering Quince in a high-profile spot where the neighborhood can enjoy them.

Fragrant Flowering Shrubs Add So Much Value

  • As the growing season progresses, Northern gardeners get to enjoy the large flower trusses of fragrant Lilacs, including the popular Common Purple Lilac.
  • Don't forget the citrusy scent and crisp white blooms of Mock Orange.
  • Southern gardeners can be proud of the fragrant flowers of Osmanthus evergreen shrubs, a year-round value.
  • Layer honey-scented native Fothergilla to decorate your landscape.
  • You can't miss the electric hues of Azaleas and Rhododendrons from Nature Hills Nursery.

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Early Summer Blooming Shrubs from Nature Hills Nursery

  • Native Ninebark shrubs start their exquisite white and pink flowering display, followed by showy fall fruit.
  • The large flower umbels of Red-Twigged Dogwood shrubs fill your yard with butterflies. You'll adore these cold-hardy shrubs in winter, too.
  • Even tiny yards can include Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire, which grows in sun or shade.
  • Mid- to late-season Crape Myrtles, produce blooms over a long period of time. Consider them your flowering wallpaper for outdoor pool parties and get-togethers.
  • Late fall brings the season of shade-tolerant Witch Hazel.
  • Use showy Yuletide Camellia for winter blooms.

Flowering Bushes Support Local Wildlife

Weigela are a flowering shrub that comes in many varieties, with colors along the rosy spectrum, from white to pink to deep red. They produce trumpet-shaped blooms that entice hummingbirds, moths and butterflies as a clarion call.

Don't forget the nectar-rich Bluebeard shrubs. Layer these stunning blue bloomers in your home garden paradise.

Extended-blooming Flowering Shrubs like Potentilla make a beneficial impact for essential pollinators. These rugged plants bloom most of the season, but require little care.

We look for native shrubs like Buttonbush to support local ecology. You'll adore the charm of this incredible fragrant shrub.

No wildlife gardener should go another season without the flower clusters and lovely green foliage of easy to grow Viburnum. Flowers become yellow, red, blue, or black berries that are very attractive to birds in fall.

California Lilac and fast-growing Elderberry bushes are very popular wildlife plants. So is fragrant Aphrodite Sweetshrub. Whether you’re looking for flowering shrubs for full sun or part shade, you’ll find a glorious array at Nature Hills Nursery.


Hydrangea are the Flowering Bushes of Summertime

Long a staple of the best-made Southern gardens, Hydrangeas are now available in hardier varieties. Grow them across the country for a plethora of blooms from late spring to early fall.

Today’s Hydrangeas range from Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea for a naturalized shade setting. Vibrant tones of Grateful Red Hydrangea splash color into your perennial beds.

Giant Phantom Hydrangea create stunning backgrounds for smaller Flowering shrubs. These full-scale plants become a valuable asset in your garden design.

Tuff Stuff Mountain Hydrangea brings a lovely flower form to small space gardens. It blooms on both old and new wood. You won't believe the sheer amount of blooms.

Spirea Flowering Shrubs Remain a Garden Favorite

flowering bush varieties

Stunning in any garden, Spirea creates a romantic ambience in your garden setting. This flowering shrub blooms from late spring to mid-summer in cascades.

Especially popular is the beautiful Renaissance Bridal Veil Spirea that displays graceful white flower clusters along its arched branches. Use several of them to create a bower of blooms in a long hedge or mass planting.

Our flowering shrubs nursery also sells the smaller Spirea that add a lovely layer of color and charming flowers and foliage. Start a collection, or stick with your favorites.

Rose of Sharon Flowering Bushes Are Some of the Hardiest

Among the hardiest Flowering Shrubs, dependable Rose of Sharon Althea is a tall, straight-standing plant that produces cupped flowers. Althea is a desirable selection that starts blooming later than other shrubs, definitely filling a hole in the flowering schedule.

Astounding splashes of lavish white, pink, lavender, deep purple, or rose colors can be added to your garden mix with these tall flowering shrubs. Well-loved and rugged, they are pollution resistant and can be grown in urban settings.

Create natural borders with Roses of Sharon shrubs along property lines. They can also be used as flowering garden walls to create outdoor rooms.

Selection, Planting and Care Tips for Flowering Shrubs

Study your property to see how much sun exposure you get. 

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Order your flowering shrubs any time of year. We'll ship them direct to your doorstep when the time is right for planting.

Track the boxes via email. Open them up and give them plenty of water.

Dig your hole twice as wide as their root system. Keep the depth at the same level they were growing in the pot.

For important landscape shrubs, use Nature Hills Root Booster in your planting hole. This time-tested formula supports the tiny feeder roots over the entire life of your plant.

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Mulch over the root system to a depth of 3 inches. Then, pull back the mulch away from touching the main stems.

Prune according to the Plant Highlights on each product page. 

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Fertilize your pretty flowering bushes with a slow-release formula in spring. Please keep lawn fertilizers well away from your flowering shrubs and other blooming plants.

Like our professional garden designer clients, you'll want to move quickly when you see your favorite flowering shrubs in stock on our website. We sell out of our limited inventories every year. Review the vast selection of flowering shrubs for sale at Nature Hills Nursery, then place your order today.

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