Flowering Shrubs

Flowering Shrubs

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  1. Crispleaf Stephanandra Lace Shrub Zones: 4-7
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  2. Double Play Doozie® Spirea Zones: 3-8
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  3. Fritsch Spirea Zones: 3-8
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  4. Hino Crimson Kurume Azalea Zones: 5-9
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  5. Little Henry® Virginia Sweetspire Zones: 5-9
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  6. Magic Carpet Spirea Zones: 3-8
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  7. Mount Airy Fothergilla Zones: 5-10
    As low as $83.95

  8. Scentlandia Sweetspire Zones: 5-9
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  9. Staghorn Sumac Zones: 4-8
    As low as $74.95
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Flowering Shrubs

Flowering shrubs help create a beautiful garden design and dramatic presentation. If you want to enrich your garden’s presentation, the inclusion of flowering shrubs will draw the eyes to tall lines, radiating branches, and colors that add splash and panache.

Among the favorite flowering shrubs in many of the loveliest gardens are weigela, hydrangeas, spirea, Rose of Sharon (also known as althea), and Viburnum. With bloom seasons ranging from early spring to late fall, your ideal garden might incorporate all of these for truly stunning effects. In addition, insect and disease resistant, flowering shrubs available from Nature Hills Nursery are investments in the longevity of your dream garden.

Flowering from early Spring to midSummer, weigela come in many varieties, with colors along the rosy spectrum, from white to pink to deep red. Very rarely, they are available in yellow as well. With heights from 3-15’, these stunning early bloomers offer various opportunities for layering in your home paradise. Best of all, this flowering shrub is a staple of several species of moths and butterflies that will come to think of your garden as their home.

Long a staple of the best-made southern gardens, hydrangeas are now available in hardier varieties that will grow even far north and bloom seasons range from early Spring to late Summer, early Fall. Today’s hydrangeas are as simple as the wild oak leaf hydrangea that presents itself in the most natural settings to special cultivars designed to splash color into perennial beds or giant versions that create stunning backgrounds for layered designs. Fun for budding scientists as well as gardeners, hydrangeas are especially responsive to color manipulation resulting from Ph adjustments. Adding aluminum, for instance, may turn your pink hydrangea to blue. Imagine the delight on young faces when you and they discover this together.

Stunning in any garden, spirea creates a romantic ambience in your garden setting. This flowering shrub blooms from late Spring to midSummer in cascades across the warm palette—Depending on the variety, your spirea may produce pink, red, yellow, and white blooms. Especially popular is the large growing bridal veil spirea that gracefully banks in layers of white. Whatever your space or design, there’s a good chance you have room for one of these medium-sized flowering shrubs, as they are available in projected sizes from 2-10’.

Among the hardiest of flowering shrubs, the Rose of Sharon is a tall, straight-standing shrub that produces cupped flowers. D epending on the variety, astounding splashes of white, pink, lavender, deep purple, or rose may be created by merely adding a single plant to your garden mix. Well-loved as they are pollution resistant and provide Summer-to-late Fall blooms, just as most of the other garden inhabitants are receding, Roses of Sharon are often planted in a single row along property lines to create natural borders.

Easy to care for and providing vibrant, viburnum is prized in well-designed gardens both for the splash of color it provides from Summer through Fall in clusters of flowers in various colors depending on the variety. What’s more, berries yellow, red, blue, or black are very attractive to birds and other creatures which beautify your garden as well as they come to partake of them. Expect a variety of moths and butterflies to enjoy the fragrant feast you provide as well.

Whatever you imagine for your garden paradise, flowering shrubs will add structure and balance, attract a variety of wildlife, and create a harmonious background for the peace and tranquility you cultivate. Nature Hills Nursery hopes to help you choose the ideal shrubs for your colorful haven.