Blue Flowering Shrubs

Blue Flowering Shrubs

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Blue Flowering shrubs are very popular in landscapes because they tend to show off their stunning colorful flowers.  Finding a blue flowering shrub is not difficult since there are many species. Select a specific shrub that is suitable in a site or location on your property.  For instance, choose from larger plants such as the Chaste Tree, or for a smaller location, there is the gorgeous Bluebeard Petit Bleu; the summer-long blooms of the Nikko Blue Hydrangea will also offer amazing color.  Blue flowering shrubs will also provide eye-popping contrasts when planted beside white flowering plants, both annuals and perennials.

Tree form plants, such as Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon, will certainly become a focal point.  Its puff of blue flowers, perched atop a short trunk-like stem, will add color wherever it is planted.  The tough, long blooming Russian sage, with its bluish small flowers, fits a wide variety of landscapes.  If you are tired of purple flowered lilacs, the President Grevy Lilac will give you a blue-flowered unique look!  Choose a flower color that contrasts the color of a house, because blue against white will be much more attractive than blue against a darker color.  The red, white and blue colors of our flag stand out when blue flowering shrubs are planted near it.