Bareroot Shrubs

Bareroot Shrubs

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Bareroot shrubs is one of the largest and most viewed categories on our website. Packed with myriad sizes, foliage colors, foliage types and shrubs for any landscape application, bareroot shrubs offer so many options for the home gardener. From small dwarf type plants to small trees, bareroot trees are all about options.

The shrub category includes woody and bushy plants that are perennials. The most popular shrub species are lilacs, viburnums, forsythia, all of which are deciduous. The most popular evergreen shrubs are abelias, arborvitaes, azaleas and junipers. Generally, shrubs are hardier and longer lived than many of the soft tissue perennials that we use in our landscapes. Fruiting shrubs are a major sub-category for producing edible fruits or wildlife food. Along with wonderful landscape qualities, shrubs like blueberries, elderberries, raspberries are a very durable dual use plant.