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  1. Gro-Low Sumac Zones: 3-9
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  2. Iroquois Beauty Black Chokeberry Zones: 3-7
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Buy Quality Landscaping Bushes and Shrubs from Nature Hills

What's your favorite common yard shrub...we likely grow it! Shop by Variety to see the whole list of options.

Our service team takes calls from across the country from people looking for Bridalwreath Spirea, like their Grandma used to grow.

Bright yellow Forsythia is one of the first shrubs to bloom in early spring. Mock Orange brings heavenly scented white flowers that perfume your neighborhood with notes of fresh citrus.

Showy Crape Myrtle trees bloom in a rainbow of colors and can be pruned to any size. Magnificent fall color shrubs like Sumac strut their stuff when the temperature takes a downturn in autumn.

Decorate with Blue-Flowering Hedge Plants

Nature Hills has made a name for ourselves sourcing and growing exquisite blue-flowering trees, perennials and especiallyblue roses. You'll enjoy the lavish tones of our blue-flowering shrubs.

Can you picture an all-blue garden? Create a fantastic mix of hues to appreciate all season.

Float through your garden on your tiptoes! Put in an outdoor dance floor and let the music play all night.

Plant Shrubs for Privacy, Flowers and More

Evergreens are year-round bushes and shrubs with foliage that stays green all winter long. Typically, these durable plants prefer full sun and moderate water.

Flowering screening shrubs make your backyard fun! Rest, relax and revel with your family and friends in secluded splendor without worrying about what your nosy neighbor will think.

Don't forget about birds and butterflies! We have an extensive collection of wildlife-friendly Honeysuckle and Elderberry...you'll support your whole neighborhood with your thoughtful choices.

Butterfly Bushes are an example of perennial flowering bushes in USDA Plant Zone 5. Cut them back in late fall, and they'll grow again from the ground in spring.

Read our #ProPlantTips on the product pages to get tips for pruning Gardenias in spring. You'll learn if full sun is best for Abelia, and when to hedge up your living Boxwood fence covers shrubs.

Fast-Growing Privacy Bushes, Shrubs & Hedges

Make sure to include Nature Hills Root Booster, if your goal is to grow to grow a hedge quickly. Choose the largest container size we have, and look at the Plant Highlights to see the hedge growth rate.

Easy-care, fast growing hedge plants include deciduous options Red Twigged Dogwood, Lilacs, and Rose of Sharon. Even though they lose their leaves in winter...their dense branch structure delivers a visual screen all year-long.

Some of our tall growing shrubs extend the height of your fence by 15 feet tall or more! Broad-leaved evergreens like Privet, Laurel and Holly make an elegant impact that works hard to erase unsightly views.

These hedge bushes can be sheared, too. Study our Pruning 101 Blog to get the best advice for keeping them manicured.

Not all hedges have to be sky-high, either. Low-growing hedges like Potentilla are a versatile way to bring structure and non-stop blooms to your landscape design.

These small shrubs can provide an inviting look to an entry way or driveway. Line the edge of your walkways with a scented hedge of subshrubs like Lavender or carefree Landscape Shrub Rose bushes.

Find Just the Right Bushes, Hedges and Shrubs for Your Landscape

What’s on your wish list? Shrubs are beautiful garden workhorses that solve many of the common design challenges in today’s landscapes.

Do you need Privacy Shrubs, or Deer Resistant Shrubs? Prefer to see only plants that offer gorgeous Fall Color? Creating a Hedge, or only want to view Fast-Growing Shrubs?

When you want a way to easily sort through our huge inventory of shrubs based on specific landscape needs, choose Shop by Type. From there, you can see all of the shrubs with the characteristics you want, such as size, bloom color, plants that attract wildlife, and much more.

Filter Our Catalog to Find the Bushes and Shrubs You Want

All yards are unique, aren't they? Sunny, shady, in between, wet soils or areas with deer pressure make it important to select the right plant.

Luckily, we've made it easy for you. Simply filter the sun exposure, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone, mature height and spread, bloom time and more for a custom look.

Examples include:

Large Ornamental Bushes, Shrubs, & Hedges for Full Sun

Exciting Fall Color Bushes and Shrubs to Jazz Up Part Shade

Flowering Shrubs With Multi-Season Interest

Latest Design Tips for Shrubs

Today’s modern landscape design relies heavily on shrubs and bushes. In fact, one of the hottest trends is using shrubs to create easy to grow shrub borders instead of traditional perennial borders.

Most bushes are easy to care for. They'll remain attractive for long periods of time with minimal effort.

Imagine your personal garden oasis. Your backyard design is anchored with evergreen bushes, then punctuated with magnificent, easy-care flowering like Azalea, Ninebark, Weigela, and Hydrangea shrubs.

Study the bloom times on the Plant Highlights to perfectly coordinate. You can enjoy a cascade of blooms through the entire growing season!

As you landscape your front yard, you may rely on low-growing shrubs such as Coralberry with blooms and berries. Use Burning Bush or Chokeberry shrubs that blaze red in autumn as a memorable focal point near your house.

If you are a bird lover, include Viburnums which produce a full spectrum of bountiful berries, from Cardinal Candy red to Blueberry Muffin blue. Barberry bushes provide a safe shelter for birds.

how to use bushes and hedges in your front yard

What to Expect From Nature Hills

We sell plants across the country, and protect local environments with Plant Sentry™. This shipping management software blocks regulated plant material into areas with federal or state regulations...so you won't need to worry about invasive plants in your area.

Plants can perform "too well" in some areas, but are fine in others. Shop responsibly with help from Nature Hills!

Place your order at any time of year, and we'll ship it when the time is right for planting. Best of all, we ship your gorgeous plants straight from our fields directly to your door.

Excellent Selection of Healthy Bushes and Shrubs

Bush and shrub varieties include: Arborvitae, Heavenly Bamboo, Juniper, Yew, and many others. Some may be old favorites for you, and a few may be new to you.

Our entire selection of bushes and shrub varieties add interest to your home landscape. Flowering shrubs add color, while evergreen bushes create the foundation of any garden.

Enjoy the fun process of shopping at Nature Hills! We appreciate your business, and look forward to your rave reviews!