Southern Living Plants

Southern Living Plants

Southern Living Plant’s Innovative Collection

Oh to live where it's warm all year. While we're trying not to be too jealous, those that actually live there might be struggling with finding plants that will tolerate the relentless summer heat and lack of a true dormant season.

This was the defining problem Southern Living, yes the ever-popular lifestyle and entertainment magazine, wanted to address. Surely there was a way to work with the climate instead of against it?

Through relentless plant trials, research, and evaluations, this brand has come up with the best of the best many species have to offer.

Plants growing in the south can sometimes fall victim to shorter bloom times for various reasons stemming from lack of moisture to the long hours of sunlight without reprieve.

From longer bloom times to exceptional drought tolerance, you'll be delighted by each and every product in the Southern Living Plant Collection.

History of The Collection

This brand was introduced in the Spring of 2008 as a partnership between Plant Development Inc. and Southern Living Magazine® as a way to provide green and master gardeners alike with new plants specifically selected for their ability to thrive in warmer climates.

Since then, Plant Development Services Inc has created and filed for more than 100 new patents on plants. If you've ever enjoyed an Encore® Azalea, then you have this partnership to thank!

The goal is to continue providing new and exciting plants to layer your garden with texture, color, and fragrance.

The game-changing break-throughs keep coming with new product lines coming out every year. Make sure to check back often for the latest from this tried and true industry leader.

Shrubs Every Southern Garden Needs

Planning a landscape often starts at the back and works its way forward. Finding the perfect back row plant can make or break the aesthetic you're going for.

Pick something that will give you the structure you need to cover those eyesores next to the house or to give you a bit of definition between your garden and the neighbors.

If you're the trendsetter on the street, consider an Abelia Kaleidoscope. Its foliage flushes out light green with yellow along the edges. While some shrubs fade as the season progresses, this over-achiever's color only intensifies. It could be the centerpiece of your garden without lifting a finger, er, branch.

Established, more traditional southern gardens might be in need of shrubs like Baby Gem Boxwood. Its dependable deep green would be the perfect backdrop for front row perennials.

Its compact nature ensures it'll fit anywhere, some have even used them in containers flanking either side of their entryways. They make quite the statement to those coming over for a visit.

Perennials Worth Swooning Over

Shrubs are only half the story when it comes to the Southern Living Plant collection. Once you've decided on the foundation plantings you can move on to the truly colorful part, picking perennials!

As a ProPlantTip, always check to see how tall something will be when it flowers. Perennials like Indigo Frost™ Agapanthus will send up stems up to two feet tall for their blooms to perch from. These should go at the back of your perennial garden bed so as not to cover other plants.

Another perennial on the taller side is Color Guard Yucca, a southern gardener staple. Not only does this unique specimen capture the attention of you and your guests, it'll do so with very little to no fuss from you.

It's drought and heat tolerant, so those long, hot summer days that might bother less hardy plants won't cause this one to bat an eye.

If you're interested in conserving water by planting a xeriscape garden, you'll want this plant as the centerpiece. As an added bonus, deer and rabbits often leave it alone too!

Southern Living is committed to helping the southern gardener be as successful as possible in a climate sometimes thought of as less than forgiving. So grab a large glass of sweet iced tea and start shopping for your next garden additions today!

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