First Editions

First Editions

Nature Hills and First Editions®

Customers choose Nature Hills because we make it easy to select and purchase a huge diversity of amazing landscape plants. Our team of expert growers ship them directly from the field to your door. And each one is prepped for safe travel in a sturdy box.

We take pride in selecting excellent partners who truly deliver for our customers. That's why we've chosen to represent First Editions. Their branded plant materials are selected for success.

Build Your Landscape Around First Editions Plants

You'll be amazed at the colorful selection of tested, hardy, unique, diverse and beautiful plants that will bring your garden to life.

Whether it's adding trees; layering in shrubs as the foundation of your design or adding pops of color with vines and perennials - you'll find it all here. First Editions brings plants to market that have outstanding performance in the landscape or in containers.

First Editions plants from Nature Hills makes it easy to make your world a beautiful place.

Plants that Perform Beautifully

First Editions is committed to "getting it right" with secure propagation and testing facilities. Plant scientists are using a network of in-ground and container test areas, along with integrated computer systems to track plants across the entire process.

Rest assured. If your plant comes in a pot labeled "First Editions", you'll have peace of mind that other gardeners just like you have had fabulous success with the same variety in similar Growing Zones.

We're Here to Help

Use the filters on our website to understand all your options for your growing zone and site conditions unique to your landscape. Email us at [email protected] for help making your selection.