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Easy Breezy with Easy Elegance®

Oh, to walk through a garden filled with regal, romantic, roses. They're often found in bouquets at the store for you to buy for your loved ones. We'll let you in on a secret though, they mean ten times more when you've grown them yourself!

Easy Elegance® has set out to change the perception that growing roses is a difficult task meant only for the master gardeners and botanical gardens. No longer do you need to endlessly tend your roses to ensure they aren't riddled with disease or eaten by snackish deer.

Through careful selection and breeding, this brand has created a collection of roses that marries the brilliance of hybrid tea roses with the easy to care for nature of shrub rose bushes.

You can now have a rose garden boasting every color of the rainbow and then some with Easy Elegance roses. Create a botanical masterpiece in your backyard for all to marvel at all season long and surprise your neighbors with a mix and matched bouquet. That is if you feel like sharing!

Inspiring Incredible Landscapes

From the dazzling yellows to rich reds, this collection has it all, and more. If you're looking for that mesmerizing shade you'll find in the store, Easy Elegance® Kashmir Rose is for you. Plant it bordering your backyard patio so you'll be able to admire it while soaking up the sun.

Like all of its kind, this rose will attract a plethora of pollinators to your garden. Not only will they create a gorgeous display, they'll also help the rest of your garden reach its full potential as well as they flutter around distributing pollen.

Try pairing the deep reds of Kashmir with Yellow Brick Road Rose to add a delightful contrast. Together they'll set your garden ablaze in the evening as the golden hour sun sweeps across the landscape.

Both roses are extremely disease resistant and aren't often bothered by wildlife. Plant these as low hedges around the edges of your property or as accents in a perennial garden. If you already have a rose garden started, perfect! Add these to the others secure in the knowledge that they won't add an ounce of extra work on your behalf.

#ProPlantTips for Care

This collection will bloom for you from spring to frost without interruption as long as you follow a few simple steps. The first being selecting the right spot for planting.

Easy Elegance roses will do best in a sunny spot where they'll get at least five to six hours of light every day. Paying attention to the ground and making sure the soil is well drained is also important for the health of your plant's roots.

It's always a good idea to plan your garden in a way that leaves some room between your rose bushes. This allows for adequate air circulation which helps to prevent disease.

Once your roses are established, they'll require medium moisture. One way to keep water waste to a minimum is by adding a layer of mulch around the bases of your plants. This will also help keep the roots cool in the summer and keeps your garden looking pristine and weed-free.

There's no reason tending a rose garden needs to be a full time job these days. Spice up your landscaping today by browsing the Easy Elegance Collection we have here at Nature Hills.

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