Bufferfly Candy® Butterfly Bushes

A sweet treat for butterflies

Irresistible to Butterflies, Hummingbirds, and bees, the newest landscape and pollinator treat to hit the markets will bring a vibrant splash of color to your garden this year!

Nature Hills Nursery proudly introduces the new Butterfly Candy® line of Buddleia bushes!

Sweet Butterfly Desserts - Buddleia Butterfly Candy®!

Featuring five fantastic colors forming wonderful low-growing bushes of dense green foliage! Not only do Butterfly Candy® Butterfly Bushes grow to a space-saving 2-3 feet in height and width, but they are also wonderfully hardy throughout USDA planting zones 5 -10 and rebloom with abandon!

Heat and sun-loving flowering ornamentals, these compact shrubs start blooming in the late spring and don’t stop until fall! Your beneficial insects and vital pollinators will appreciate the nearly constant supply of nectar! Fruity and luscious colors await you and your butterflies! Especially endangered Monarch Butterflies!

Backed by a rounded mound of lightly-toothed, deep green spear-shaped foliage, these Butterfly Bushes are anything but their airy, open-canopied cousins that grow large and leggy!

Holding their full-sized blooms upright in the air atop their mound of foliage, the gorgeous inflorescences create cone-shaped panicles that taper into lovely points. Packed with hundreds of little, flared trumpet-shaped blooms which open from the bottom up - making them very long-lasting! Plus they are as fragrant as can be!

Long-lasting and reblooming, the flowers look great in a vase or bouquet, and are compact and container-ready, low-maintenance, and easy-to-grow deciduous shrubs!

Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5 - 10, these ornamentals are versatile in the landscape

Check Out The Butterfly Candy® Line Of Sweet Delights

  • Lil' Coconut™ - Luscious, creamy white flowers
  • Lil’ Taffy™ - Bubblegum pink
  • Lil' Raspberry™ - Hot-colored magenta-colored panicles
  • Lil' Lavender™ - Softer and subtle lavender blooms with a tiny splash of orange 
  • Lil' Grape™ - Deep dark purple panicles with shocking violet centers and throatsButterfly Candy® Buddleia Care & Maintenance

If you want easy … Butterfly Candy® Butterfly Bushes are the definition of easy!

Butterfly Candy® Care

Provide a full sun location in your garden, at least 6 hours a day of direct sunlight. The morning sun is best to dry the leaves of dew. 

Plant Buddleia in a location with very well-drained soil that won’t get soggy. Enrich it with lots of organic matter and compost, and keep your plants well-watered their first year in the ground. Then they only appreciate watering during the hottest months of the year and a little more through a dry winter in the hottest of their favored zone 5 to 10 climates. Check out the ‘Finger Test’ method to know when to water!

All plants do best with a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist mulch to improve the soil, hold in moisture more consistently, and insulate the root systems from heat and chill. Each spring it's also recommended you apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer for flowering shrubs, but please avoid getting lawn fertilizer and high-nitrogen fertilizer anywhere near your flowering shrubs!

Pruning Butterfly Candy® Buddleia is easy too! Just snip back your shrub in the very early spring before you see that first flush of new growth to maintain a tidy, rounded shrub that blooms with abandon! It is best to cut back these plants even in areas where they don’t die back during winter so they produce all fresh new, uniform growth each spring for the best bloom. Deadhead after flowers fade to encourage repeated waves of reblooming until fall or frost!

Plus, Butterfly Bushes are seldom bothered by deer unless desperate, and they have few pests or disease issues to deal with!

Where to Use Your Butterfly Candy® Butterfly Bushes

The question really is … where can’t you use these shrubs? Any sunny Pollinator or Butterfly Garden is of course a no-brainer! But you can turn any garden into a butterfly garden with a few of these compact, low-growing accents! Established gardens and small-scale modern lots can all enjoy these radiant blooming shrubs!

  • Add vibrant colors from late spring to fall in the Cottage Garden
  • Bring Pollinators to Perennial gardens by using Butterfly Candy® bushes 
  • Great for Cutting Gardens and bouquets!
  • Hardy enough for a Rock garden
  • Turn a walkway or path into a fragrant journey with a row of compact Buddleia
  • Divide your front yard from the sidewalk with a border of three-season blooming shrubs
  • Edge garden beds with low-growing flowering plants
  • A facer shrub rows hide the leggy bare stems of large shrub and evergreen hedges
  • Perfect for sunny foundations and patios as well as low border plants
  • Add groupings of Butterfly Candy® to add pops of color throughout mixed shrub borders
  • En masse color that lasts and lasts in the sun without requiring much fussing over!
  • A single specimen in a large pot or urn on your sunny front porch, balcony, or patio 
  • Container gardeners can enjoy these thrillers in planters around the pool or fire pit
  • Plant around seating areas, hammocks, and deck chairs to perfume your get-togethers
  • The perfect shrub for a Children’s Garden where they can watch butterflies all day!
  • Mix and match with other Butterfly Candy® or other Butterfly Bushs at Nature Hills!

Add a bee watering station, hummingbird feeder, Butterfly puddling station, and a birdbath or pond and you’ll have every sort of winged creature around making your landscape their new neighborhood hotspot!

A Sweet Treat For All!

You’ll want to invest in a comfy outdoor reading chair, lawn blanket, or garden bench - plus a butterfly identification book - because once you plant these incredible pollinator garden plants, you will have so many winged visitors stopping by for a visit!

So why not gift yourself, or someone special the gift that keeps on giving with the Butterfly Candy® line of new Butterfly Bushes today? Reserve yours right now before they’re gone at Nature Hills Nursery!


How Do You Care for Butterfly Candy® Plants?

Butterfly Candy® Butterfly Bushes just need full sun, well-drained enriched soil, and regular moisture and fertility. Deadhead as flowers fade and prune back in the early spring.

Which Butterfly Bush Attracts the Most Butterflies?

Butterfly Candy® Butterfly Bushes are fragrant, packed full of nectar-rich blossoms, and very attractive to butterflies! While there are many factors that are involved in butterfly flower selection, these are space-saving shrubs that allow any sized garden to include a pollinator-friendly shrub.

How Do You Winterize a Butterfly Bush?

Butterfly Candy® Butterfly Bushes are deciduous shrubs that tend to die back to the ground in harsh winters and act as woody perennials in warmer climates. Top the soil around the roots with 3-4 inches of mulch for the winter and ensure the roots have one last good drink of water if your autumn has been especially dry.

How Do You Keep Butterfly Bushes Blooming All Summer?

Butterfly Bushes are repeat bloomers. So to keep the blooms returning, deadhead as each panicle fades by cutting back to a leaf junction. Use a spring application of flowering plant fertilizer and an early summer application if needed. Do not fertilize after summer so plants have time to harden off for the winter.

What Shipping Options Do We Offer?

NatureHills.com works closely with our growers and nursery professionals to ensure we ship when it is most appropriate for your area. Our goal is to deliver the hardiest plants by avoiding extreme high and low temperatures. Check out our shipping schedule for more information and to learn our wills and don'ts when it comes to shipping plants. Find your Butterfly Candy® and other Butterfly Bushes for sale here at NatureHills.com!

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