Bloomin' Easy

Bloomin' Easy

Planting is a Piece of Cake With Bloomin’ Easy

The growers and Bloomin' Easy know that young homeowners are looking for ways to decorate and put together gorgeous gardens without it costing an arm and a leg and any semblance of relaxation over the summer months.

That's why they've spent years making sure that when you buy their brand, you're buying high-quality, low-maintenance plants that will require little to nothing from you once it's established.

When first looking at these plants, you'll be struck by their sheer beauty. The growers pick out only the most exceptionally colored plants.

New for the Sake of Being New? Not Quite!

Sure, creating new plants is fun but at Bloomin' Easy, they like to have a little more purpose. They take time and look extensively for the world's top plant breeders. With their help, they will find and create plants that offer a unique beauty and make upkeep easier for the already busy homeowner.

There's a reason Bloomin' Easy's motto is "Plant, water, relax." They've ensured that gardening with their plants is a simple three-step process.

The brand carefully selects a few varieties each year to add to its collection. This ensures ample time to test, try, and revise before going to market.

A Few of Our Favorites

How do you pick your favorite from an all-star line-up? It's a (not so) hard job but someone has to do it.

Every neighbor on the block has a blue hydrangea or perhaps a white one. Stun them all by adding the bi-colored blooms of Tilt-A-Swirl® Hydrangea. These mopheads consist of florets that are greenish-yellow in the center and quickly transition to a vivid bright pink toward the edges.

It's the age-old combination of green and pink perfectly complementing each other. Elevate your outdoor space with this hydrangea and you'll find your visitors endlessly enamored and asking where they can get their own.

Another handsome addition to your garden is the Tuxedo™ Weigela. With its stark dark green foliage and brilliant white blooms, you'll find this shrub adds texture and flair to your backyard landscape.

Try using either as a foundation plant against your house to soften up where your house meets the ground. Planting under a window ensures you'll be able to sneak glances at it throughout the day!

Maybe you're looking for a pop of color near your mailbox to greet visitors and catch the eyes of those passing by. Tilt-A-Swirl hydrangea and Tuxedo Weigela are great candidates for both!

When picking your spot to plant, make sure to look for places with full sun and well drained soil. This will give you the best chance of success and means less work for you later down the road.

You don't have to settle for mediocre plants or sacrifice your Sundays of relaxation to upkeep an extensive garden. Just look to Bloomin Easy for your plant needs. Start browsing today!

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  1. Tuxedo™ Weigela Zones: 4-8
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  2. Maroon Swoon® Weigela Zones: 4-8
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  3. FLARE™ Panicle Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
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  4. Candelabra® Panicle Hydrangea Zones: 3-8
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  5. Grin and Tonic™ Bigleaf Hydrangea Zones: 5-9
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  6. Tilt-A-Swirl® Hydrangea Zones: 5-8
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