Learn About Privacy Fences at NatureHills.com

One of the top questions we get asked is how to use trees and shrubs to get more privacy without making your house and yard look like a fortress.

There are so many different challenges modern homeowners face, and plants can solve these problems in a beautiful way. Use plants and hardscape together to create your ultimate backyard oasis. 

  • Do you want a fast way to completely screen out and block something ugly or a bad view?
  • Are you a little “too close for comfort” with a nosy neighbor?
  • Are you looking for a soft, breezy way to create a sense of separation, without sacrificing sun or sky views?
  • Do you dream of relaxing next to a live, flowering garden wall?
  • Are your guests being blown away by harsh winds at your backyard barbeques?
  • Do you live on a
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