flowering plants

  1. Fall Planting Bulbs Leads to Bright Spring Blooms

    garden full of fall planting bulbs daffodil and tulip

    Are you ready to start planting this fall for gorgeous spring flowers? We definitely are. Unfortunately, we do have to wait j

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  2. Deer Resistant Plants For The West

    Deer eating shrubs

    We know how frustrating it can be-- you plant a few new trees paired with fresh shrubs, walk outside the next morning with a hot cup of soothing coffee just to see bark peeled off, broken branches and even devoured flowers on your nearby shrubs. 

    Welcome to a gardener’s worst nightmare, deer. 

    But, Nature Hills to the rescue! *cue hero music* If you live in the Western growing zones and seem to be in a constant battle with your backyard deer, we have the top deer resistant plants for you to add to your landscape.

    Even though there are plants that deer don’t bother, Nature Hills would like to state that there are no 100% deer proof plants-- only plants that deer seldomly bother compared to others. 

    Remember that if deer populations are running high and their natural food sources are limited, deer are more likely to browse on any plant of their choice. 

    Also, if you are adding a new plant into the area, deer are more inc

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  3. An Easy Plan to Create Your Own Moon Garden!

    Garden filled with glowing white plants in the evening

    Nighttime is a magical and mysterious time. The sun has set and the air cools, and the world just seems just a bit quieter. It’s also a fantastic time to spend in the garden!

    Many night-blooming plants wait until the cooler twilight hours when a whole new world awakens once the sun disappears and the moon shines.

    It’s the perfect excuse to plant a Moon Garden or Night-Flowering Garden! Take time out of your busy day to unwind, meditate and listen to the crickets chirp or watch fireflies blinking in and out of view.

    Here are some great ideas to best start a nighttime garden of your own!

    Moonlight Sonata:

    White and creamy colored blooms or pale yellow flowers all seem to reflect the moon and starlight. While dreamy light blue, pale pink and lavender flowers always seem to glow and radiate in the twilight. So they’re the natural color choices for Moon gardens! Then of course you have so many options in varie

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  4. #ProPlantTips: How to Prune Hydrangeas

    pruning a hydrangea paniculata

    We’ve all been there, looking at the remnants of last year’s hydrangea wondering, “Do I prune these back or leave them be?” It’s an especially confusing question because the answer depends on the type of hydrangea you have. 

    It is so important to know what kind of Hydrangea you have before you do an

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